Katie Leigh

Katie Leigh

 San Diego, California, USA

With vocal harmonies that bring out anyone's secret, inner country-folk fan, Katie Leigh and the Infantry's music makes one wish for a rocking chair on a porch with a bottle of whiskey on a hot summer day.


Katie Leigh and the Infantry is an Americana band from San Diego
consists of of Katie Leigh, Ashley Reynolds, Jared McCarter, and Bryan Lewis.

Katie Leigh and her sister Ashley have been performing together since childhood. When Katie got her first guitar in high school it was not long before she started writing original music. After college, the sisters gathered friends to perform in San Diego. Many of those musicians moved on to other projects or cities, inspiring the band's name


Country Song

Written By: Katie Leigh

I've been thinking about tomorrow
and what it might bring
i've been looking in the mirror again
I've been wondering about you
And what you've been doing and I know it's not about me
So I guess I'll have to move on
Forgive and forget even though I know that's a cliche
And I'll go on without you
or at least I'll try to live, let go, and love

Again, again
I'll move on again
I'll learn to live to love again

Well the days they seem brighter and faster passing by if I keep myself busy from you
And the smile that for so long you said you loved has edged its way back to my face
but the music I have written seems so uninspired nothing but blank pages to read
and I'm trying to be stronger each and every day
Trying to worry less and just be



Released full album in June of 2008.
Recent songs heard on 102.1FM Homegrown Hour: Country Song, Irresistible, Conversation, Drunk in Georgia

Set List

As They Seem
Tied Up In You
Who I am
100 MPH
Take A Look
Country Song
At First Sight
Peace on the Inside
Better Than This
Moving On
Lovely's Song
Drunk In Georgia
Typically we play about an hour worth of music depending on the venue. If we do covers, we play:
Brand New Key-Melanie
Oh My Sweet Carolina-Ryan Adams
Landslides-Stevie Nicks
You've Got A Friend-Carol King