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The best kept secret in music


"Katie Levent Review"

People often call, write or send e-mail describing what they do and ask if I want to review the disc. I always say I can't judge anything until I hear it. This disc is a good example. I'm not a big fan of the current r&b scene, and that's where Katie Levent is aiming. The thing is, she's got an interesting twist to the sound.
Some folks might already have noticed that Levent's name is strikingly similar to the Levant, an old-fashioned name for the Middle East. And indeed, the melodies and even the beats have an exotic flair. On the best songs, the stuff sounds a lot like Egyptian or Lebanese pop. And even on the more conventional bits, there's just a hint of spice.
Levent's voice is good, though as with most pop r&b stuff, it's really hard to say much more than that. The production is solid, much better than most self-released divas. A fine package, all the way around.
I wish Levent would do more songs like "Table Dance For 2," "Nothin' to It" or the title track. All three are more hip-hop than the rest of the album, but they also utilize more of the Middle Eastern flavor. Levent should focus on how she's different than all the other young women trying to become a star. Then maybe, who knows?
- A & A Review

"There's A New Girl In Town"

There’s a new girl in town and it’s not what you’d expect. This 18 year old ground-breaking singer is Katie Levent. Her style is unique, as well as her soul that she pours into her music. Her debut CD ‘My Eyes Are Watching You’ ; which is released on January 27 ; is an inventive dance record, but don’ underestimate the power of Katie’s ballad ‘Pray For Time.’ This song is packed full of amazing angelic harmonies. The whole album is rather trancing and rel atable. The song ‘Crush On You’ made a smile come across my face because it makes you think of all the emotions you go through when you have a crush.There are also many collaborations with R&B and Hip Hop flavor. Some collaborations on brand new artists are a mistake but Katie has used other artists that compliment her, not overpower her. Katie has described her music as Mediterranean-flavored R&B and I would agree. She has her Grandfather Spiro Skordilis playing bouzouki on her songs, that is influenced by their Greek heritage.The album is also entertaining for the ear because of the interesting arrangements. As soon as you hear something similar it changes and surprises you. Katie is also a unique woman in this industry because her music is positive and it isn’t all about her sex appeal. Overall the age group for this record would be 7yrs-21yrs because of her wholesome image and positive attitude.By: Heather - Bandnation


Single Table Dance For 2 featuring PapaReu 2004
LP - My Eyes Are Watching You 2004
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Feeling a bit camera shy


TAMPA, FL --- Recording artist Katie Levent, is not your ordinary teenager.
While others her age are preparing for college, Katie is mixing with the likes of Stevie Wonder as she receives the prestigious Heroes and Legends (HAL) Award in Beverly Hills, CA, or she is performing on the main stage at Music Fest Miami, an all-day concert with entertainers like Patti LaBelle and other international recording artists.
“I’ve always had a passion to perform,” confirms Katie. “I remember as young as age 3 being in the studio with my grandfather. As he recorded his music I just couldn’t sit still. I had to move to the music, often belly dancing in the studio.”
Her grandfather Spiro Skordilis is a master bouzouki player and gold-recording artist from Greece. He has surrounded Katie with the music of their Greek heritage, something she has initiated into a new sound she calls Mediterranean-flavored Rhythm and Blues with a unique blend of Hip-Hop. In several of her songs from her new independent-label CD “My Eyes Are Watching You,” her grandfather plays bouzouki as back up to her vocals, some of which are even sung in Greek.
Katie’s dance style accompanying her music highlights her belly dancing –something that is sure to shake up the music industry.
“Oftentimes, I’ll come off stage and young girls stop me and want me to show them how to belly dance. It’s exciting to see their enthusiasm for my music and my dance style,” Katie adds. “That’s why it’s important to have a look and style that’s wholesome --- one that is a role model for others.”
Katie’s look is trend setting --- pairing stylist jeans adorned with hand-sewn coins on the pockets with a satin and lace custom bustier also adorned with hand-sewn coins --- all creating a flair that oozes her Greek American legacy. Added to this hot style is Katie’s rich wavy long dark hair and eyes that are as unforgettable as the cover song “My Eyes Are Watching You” on her CD with the same name.
“I’m fortunate to have a grandmother who enjoys sewing rows of coins onto my outfits that I like to design,” confirms Katie. “And I especially enjoy the look of MAC cosmetics and the special, clean style their make-up artists have created for me.”
Katie also enjoys writing her own lyrics.
“I like songs that tell a story or remind me of special times in my life --- something that others can identify with or messages that can stay with them,” says Katie. And Katie has a story to tell.
Tragically, at age 9 Katie suffered traumatic injuries in a car accident when her great-grandmother lost consciousness from an apparent heart attack while driving. This accident almost cost Katie her singing career when her tongue was lacerated; but with diligence and dedicated strength Katie recovered.
Now, Katie shares her story during her concerts, stressing to others to follow their dreams and believe in themselves. She is committed to her personal philanthropic “Follow Your Dreams” fundraisers for youth and schools across the nation.
“Katie’s efforts to support other youth have made her a solid, principled role model and that’s why she was recently honored with the Heroes and Legends (HAL) Unsung Hero Award,” comments Janie Bradford, founder and CEO of this prestigious award program that also recognized the Supremes this year for their legendary recording efforts.
Already, Katie’s music has been featured on national television on Lifetime’s “The Division.” And select FYE stores are already premiering musi music from her new “My Eyes Are Watching You” CD.
Katie’s recent appearance at one music store alone set records for most CD sales in just one and a half hours. Interviews with Antenna Satellite, the National Greek Television Network, Kare 11 TV program, True Talent, BET.com, Billboard Magazine just to name a few.
Katie is being featured on Promo Only’s March Rhythm Radio and April’s Urban Radio with her recent release of “Table Dance for 2” featuring recording artist Papa Reu.
Radio spins with mix shows in one of the top 12 national media markets in the U.S., distribution of hundreds of ordered vinyl’s for club play in Japan alone, as well as the U.S., plus the remix of Katie’s “Table Dance for 2” with Papa Reu have added to the momentum of Katie’s popularity.
But none of this rising stardom has gone to Katie’s head. She is a grounded young lady whose passion for singing is well endowed into her life.
Just ask her mother.
“I remember Katie always dancing and singing since she was very little. We’d have family or friends at our home and Katie would perform for them. This became a constant in our lives, much of which I caught on video tape,” says Tammy Levent, co-manager and mother.
And as Katie affirms, “For me, it’s not about the fame or money, I truly enjoy doing this. All the support that has been given to me, along with all the friends I have made, remind me to always be true to myself, to my music and to my heart.’
This is one teen whose “star” is indeed on the rise, e