Katie Mariah

Katie Mariah


Oklahoma native, Katie Mariah is a soulful combination of Americana, Folk, and Country that is accessible to a wide audience. Strong and infectious melodic songwriting with angelic yet feisty vocals is Katie's signature sound. Think Kelly Willis and Alison Krauss meets Maria McKee.


With a soulful voice compared to the likes of Alison Krauss, Katie Mariah’s music merges a handful of influences and decades of style. With a blend of the 60’s and 70’s rock/folk that her parents raised her on and her own love of country and bluegrass, Katie’s music is a unique addition to the current industry landscape.

After performing everywhere and any way she could in her hometown of Enid, Oklahoma, Katie moved to New York City to study music and theater. After growing as an artist in the big city, Katie wanted to return home. While studying at the Oklahoma State University, Katie crafted her writing and performing skills. Though majoring in journalism with a minor in music, her college days were not all work and studying, she was even crowned Miss Oklahoma State University.

Once graduating from college, Katie married and moved out to St. Louis for a year. When she moved back to Oklahoma, she had a notebook full of songs ready to be sung for someone. She reached out to fellow songwriter/publisher, Charlie Rayl in Norman, Oklahoma, and began building her catalog which soon caught the attention of artist manager, Brad Davis. After decades of building and managing companies, Brad focused his development experience into Katie’s future and quickly a plan was in place. Almost immediately, they enlisted the help of Cary Pierce (Dallas) to produce Katie’s first CD. Cary, no stranger to the music industry (producer for Graham Colton and Jack Ingram), helped Katie craft her best songs into what later became her debut album “Hit the Ground Running,” that includes top industry players such as Lloyd Maines.
Katie has spent the last year playing clubs, coffee houses, and festivals from Nashville down to Houston and back promoting the new album. She continues to write and gain momentum with new audiences while securing a foothold in the business. Her wholesome and all American style is reminiscent of rootsy/folk artists such as Kelly Willis, and whose songwriting ability could stand up next to her contemporaries.


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