Katie Murphy

Katie Murphy

 Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN

"If you're like me, you love watching an emerging artist that you just know is going to skyrocket. Katie Murphy is such an act. Keep your eye on her because if you blink, she'll already be off in the stratosphere." Heather Bishop, singer songwriter


Katie Murphy is not what you'd expect from a prairie girl with an acoustic guitar. She bursts from the mold with rhythm, sass, passion, and soulful pipes. Following a solo performance in Toronto, one audience member enthused "I felt like I was watching a REAL rockstar!!"
Indeed, a favourite in hometown Winnipeg, Murphy's latest release "Exes & Uh-ohs" has struck a chord with national audiences, the EP having charted on 10 stations across Canada; her single "Oooo! (She's got a lot going on!)" achieving #1 for four weeks. Murphy's EP also caught the attention of L.A.'s NOMA Music, now contracted to pursue licensing opportunities on her behalf in the US, Canada and Europe.

“Murphy's bluesy vocals are silky but husky in a way that only hints at how mesmerizing she must be live."
Stylus Magazine

"Musically, Murphy transcends typical singer/songwriter fare, falling closer into the realm of multi-instrumental indie folk rock."
Planet S


Lakeside Soul - Dirty Girl - 2000
Version Xcursion - Radio - 2005
Katie Murphy - A Nest In A Box (debut solo release) - 2006
Katie Murphy - Exes & Uh ohs - 2011