katie naylor

katie naylor


singer songwriter who has the ability to reach into your soul and ask the tough questions. Takes you back in time with soaring vocals with incredible tone.


I have been playing and writing music since I was 5. I played in many bands both cover and original through my 20's and then decided to pursue my own writing solo career. I got the chance to live in Maui for a year and "play with cats that were better then me" and I learned a ton and wrote my first album, Dream in Color. I'm excited because my music has been heard worldwide on internet radio. I write about love, and love loss, and life and it's learning path. I believe people can relate to that. I'm constantly compared to Janice Joplin when I perform. I never considered her my influence, but the more I cover her music and learn her story, we are pretty similar! My other influences are Stevie Nicks, Heart, Melissa Ethridge, Jewell and Sheryl Crow. I hope you enjoy the music!!! Don't forget to dream in color!!!!


3 songs are playing on over 17 IAC radio stations, and Goodbye has been chosen to be included on the Great Indie Comeback album, scheduled for release by Matchbox Angels has been in the top 10 on IAC easy listening for 10 months..

Set List

I play solo or sometimes duo.. I usually do a hour long set mixing covers and originals. Typical set is listed below.. Flow between piano and guitar

Dream in Color
Time to Fly
All for You
LA Song - cover
Turn the page - cover
Breathe - cover
Like Before
My Habit