Katie & Pat

Katie & Pat


Katie & Pat play a soothing blend of melody and harmony combined with acoustic rhythms that are sure to make you want to snuggle up on a comfy couch and tap your foot.


Like most things, it started in spring, when the world is an ice cream social. Pat -- the guy in the grandpa hat -- was tired of flying solo. And Katie -- with her hot and blue guitar -- had some songs that were still half finished. They’d seen each other around their little Ohio town, and they’d played the same stages, but they always seemed to be walking in opposite directions. Then, one day, Katie -- with her hot and blue eyes -- made contact with Pat -- as he walked right beside her -- and you can guess the rest.

Here comes Pat, stage right. He’s more the quiet type, but be warned, your lead guitar man’s a drummer at heart. And there’s Katie, stage left, the spunky acoustic Canadian. She’s got charisma coming out of her leg warmers, and yes, her sweet coos are reminding you of Jenny Lewis and Juliana Hatfield. It’s warm-hearted folk-pop, but it’s razor sharp, sister! Toss in Pat’s tender gusto de la Sufjan, and you’ve got quite the wicked pair - cuddly and burly, sunny and moody, Batman and Robin Hood! If you’d like to make those Mates of State comparisons, go right ahead. But hang around a while and you’ll want to get hitched, too. This is Katie & Pat.


"This Time of Year" - April 2007
"On A Balance Beam" - May 2009

New Project in the works.

Set List

Katie & Pat can play any length of a set up to 2 hours - but they prefer to keep things to an hour. They are ready and able to play any combination of the following songs:

Cover Songs
the way I am - Igrid Michaelson
Carpetbaggers - Jenny Lewis
I wish you would - Ryan Adams
we were young - Ryan Adams
dear chicago-Ryan Adams
with arms outstreched - Rilo Kiley
more adventurous - Rilo Kiley
big guns - Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
breakfast at tiffany's - Deep Blue Something
I think we're alone now - Tiffany
you were meant for me - Jewel
John Wayne Gacy Jr - Sufjan Stevens
Linger - the cranberries
high and dry - radiohead
leaving on a jet plane - John Denver
Jackson - Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
you will you will - Bright Eyes
(and we are willing to learn other covers)

nothing compares with you
next november
we could build something
saddest spring
autumn anthem
on the way out of love
say good bye (before you go)
piggy bank