Katie Pawluk

Katie Pawluk

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Virtuoso violinist, vocalist and composer Katie Pawluk plays jazzical rap rock!


Violinist, vocalist, and composer Katie Pawluk was raised in British Columbia, Canada, and began her classical violin training at the age of three. Her parents had an extensive record collection and she grew up listening to blues, rock and roll, folk music (from everywhere!), jazz, chanson and just about anything she could get her hands on. A member of the Ukrainian-Canadian community, she also grew up dancing to, listening to and loving Ukrainian folk music. As a classical violinist she has appeared in Europe, Asia and North America. Ms. Pawluk was a professional street performer for six years performing on the streets of Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Los Angeles and New York. Having played at virtually every subway station in Manhattan, Katie prides herself on her knowledge of all the best bathroom locations in New York City! Since forming her own band in 2004, Katie has appeared at venues such as The Knitting Factory, Piano's, Zebulon, Pete's Candy Store, Arlene's Grocery, The Luna Lounge and at the United Nations as part of their Millennium Development Goals Conference. Her first EP was released on Mak Records in the summer of 2006.


King Of Destruction

Written By: Katie Pawluk

You're like cocaine
You make me feel ashamed
White lines on a mirror
And it's suddenly clear

You're a brief high
You make me wonder why
A moment of bliss
Is worth all this



You're the king of destruction
Your pain is your pride
Some say I should hurt you
But I won't have you satisfied
You live for reaction
To see me crumble and fall
Do you suffer confusion when I
Don't move at all

You're a bad dream
I'm scared but I can't scream
Red lines on my skin
And I'm suddenly in

You're a dark plain
It's just not my game
A moment of bliss
Is not worth all this


Chorus repeat


Let It Go- EP Self-Released August 2006

Set List

Sets are approximately 45 minutes long and usually are all original material.
Katie Pawluk will do an occasional cover or arrangement that can range from Ukrainian Folk Music (she is Ukrainian-Canadian) to Willie Nelson to Stevie Wonder to Jimi Hendrix to Led Zeppelin to Burt Bacharach!