Katie Raginis

Katie Raginis

 Tinley Park, Illinois, USA

I fell in love with lyrics thanks to artists who inspired me and helped shape me. Writing became a hobby for me years ago, and now, it is my release. I hope to inspire others the way my heroes have inspired me.


I am a songwriter who is heavily influenced by country music. I have been writing regularly for about 4 years now. I still consider myself an amateur, and not many people have heard my songs. I started writing as a release, and something that I could turn to when there was nothing else. I can't sing to save my life, but writing, in many forms, is a passion for me.

I have many favorite singers and songwriters in different genres, but I tend to follow country music the most.


Here's a Letter

Written By: Katie Raginis

Her words led me here
A new page, a new story
The best thing she ever did for me
Her fears, music to my ears
A young disaster, not a typical teen
To her, the whole world was mean

To every boy who broke her heart
To every girl who left a scar
To everyone who called her names
To those who made her feel ashamed
Here's a letter, than you, she's better
Here's a letter from us

They broke her down
Tried so hard to ruin her
Their words almost killed her
She dropped the knife, she learned how
To leave and stay away
By writing what she'd never say

(repeat chorus)

Here's a letter, are you glad you met her?
Here's a letter, you'll never forget her
Here's a letter, you made us better
Here's a letter from us

Let's Prove Them Wrong

Written By: Kathryn Raginis

Born with the world against you
With parents you never knew
The system tore you apart
It ripped the seams of your heart

Like a tattered, worn out shoe
Is how the world treated you
Tossed you back in the closet
It's so easy to forget

When they all give up on you
Write you off, throw you away
I'll be standing next to you
They tell you you're worth nothing
That you're never gonna win
If they could see what I see
Let's prove them wrong

No one said it'd be easy
You'll have to fight, try your best
Don't let history repeat
Oh no, don't go down that road

And they will try to stop you
They'll make you beg on your knees
I hope you never give in
You know, you can change the world

(repeat chorus)

So let's prove them wrong

Are You Listening?

Written By: Kathryn Raginis

I think back two years ago
I see us sitting
On our bedroom floor
Playing with a deck of cards
The first week we met
Our first week alone

I think of that rainy night
All the songs we sang on Columbus Drive
Dancing out at 4 am
No care in the world
Class in the morning

Now I wonder where you are
Are you in this state
Maybe in your car
Are you listening to these words
This apology, wish you well, goodbye
Are you listening?
Are you listening?

I think back one year ago
I see me crying
On our bedroom floor
All that we had disappeared
Like Chicago wind
On a rainy night

I see all the dirty looks
Anger in our eyes
And pain in our hearts
Left it all behind for hate
It may have been fate
I still think of you

(Repeat Chorus)

Truth is we're too much alike
We want out of here
We want a new life
You should know that I'm sorry
And that I wish you well
Time to say goodbye

Are you listening?
Are you listening?