Katie Ray

Katie Ray


Katie Ray is a strong vocalist that sings heartfelt as well as fun loving Country and Pop songs


Katie Ray was born in the small Minnesota-Canada border town in 1995.
Always strong and controlled, Katie Ray’s voice reflects many influences; from Miranda Lambert to Patsy Cline. However, Katie Ray has found her own spark which sets a blaze in each of her performances. As she approached her teen years, a maturity formed and richened her sweet, sassy sound - putting a fine edge on the power this petite girls packs.
Katie Ray is involved in many community service programs such as, Adopt a Platoon, visiting the Veterans at the Crystal Care Veterans Hospital and helping raise awareness for the local DARE program.
Katie Ray has performed on stage at the MN State Fair, MN Irish Fair and several other venues in the metro and greater Minnesota; gaining new fans at each
performance. The highlight of Katie Ray's young career was headlining a special concert to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society.
You can hear music from Katie Ray at her website www.Katie-Ray.com or you can see videos of Katie Ray at www.youtube.com/user/misskatieray.
Katie hopes you enjoy your visit to her SB page. Though it is monitored by her parents, Katie Ray checks in regularly and she cherishes your questions and comments. She will reply to each and every one of them, just as soon as she is finished with her homework! [:

Thanks for taking an interest in Katie Ray, and we hope to see you around!


1. "Storms" (Original) - copyright 2010 Katherine Ray Murray
2. "Nervous, But Excited" (Original) - copyright 2010 Katherine Ray Murray
3. "Take Me With You" (Original) - copyright 2010 Katherine Ray Murray
4. "Bright Side" (Original) - copyright 2010 Katherine Ray Murray

Set List

Bright Side
Take Me With You
Nervous, But Excited
Smile, Girl
What Am I
Any Other Way
Every Open Door
Erin's Song