Katie Tuck

Katie Tuck

 Bristol, Virginia, USA

Look out Taylor Swift! Katie Tuck is an emerging County music starlet with a voice so powerful, Nashville has taken notice.


Not only has the young teen recorded songs in the notorious “Sound Kitchen” of Nashville Tennessee, she is being circled by some of the music industries most prestigious producers, songwriters, and management.

Although Ms Tuck is only 14 yrs old, her voice is mature, powerful, and enticing. What makes Katie stand apart from others her age in the business is the undeniable fact her passion for music is genuine, grounded, and faithful.

Being smart in the classroom, friendly and funny to her peers, Katie Tuck lives a peaceful life in Virginia; that peacefulness she has seems to be carried and spread towards everyone she meets on her ventures in the limelight.

As the strawberry blonde beauty’s fan base continues to multiply, it is only mere time that separates her sound from the entire world. Music lovers beware; there is a new super star on the rise!


Single - I Wanna Be That Girl
Single - Forget

Set List

I Wanna Be That Girl