Katie Uva

Katie Uva


Katie Uva is a pint-sized folktress from New York City, whose blend of acoustic music, thought-provoking lyrics, and a crystal clear voice have made her a favorite among ladies, gentlemen, citizens, and folk alike.


Raised on the Beatles, Paul Simon, and Janis Joplin, Katie Uva was inspired to play music herself after becoming an avid fan of the Indigo Girls.

Seven years later, she has played various college shows, a vegan pizzeria, an Irish pub, The Bowery Poetry Club, an anarchist bookstore, and on the streets of Rome and New York.

She listens to all genres of music, from African to Zydeco, but her main influences are the Indigo Girls and the Roches, for their blending of genres and their intelligent lyrics.

She has written three albums' worth of songs, drawing inspiration from such sundry places as the U.S. History AP, Minnesota, and the Horace Harding Expressway. She once was dared to write a song using the words "delicatessen," "Sagittarius," and "tae kwon do," which has since become one of her biggest crowd pleasers--"The Man at the Delicatessen."


Campus Convenience

Written By: Katie Uva

Standing at the register and ringing people up
drinking powdered coffee from a purple Campco cup
stacking up the purchases and counting out the change
I ask you if you need a bag
then do it all again

In my too big maroon t-shirt with a bar code on the back
I shimmy up the ladder stocking candy from the rack
to keep from going crazy or resigning to defeat
I keep planning out my future on the back of the receipts

[chorus] but there's something oh so soothing about working here
you may not have to think much but at least your job is clear
run a rag across the counter and a mop across the floor
straighten out the gum and yogurt
who could ask for anything more?

The radio is playing all the same old emo songs
in an order you can count on as you start to hum along
it's a sweet fluorescent haven with a plastic-packaged grace
when you work at Campus Convenience
everything has got its place

seven hours later I'm still stuck to this spot
I read through Vogue and Cosmo so now I know what's hot
I juggled all the Junior Mints and ate some Hostess Cakes
wond'ring how much longer this old shift is gonna take


The Man at the Delicatessen

Written By: Katie Uva

I fell in love with the Man at the Delicatessen
way down Horace Harding by the Tae Kwon Do
he's got big strong hands and a sideways smile that
always keeps me guessin
I fell in love with the Man at the Delicatessen

I'm a Pisces and he's a Sagittarius
always asks if I want a bag cause he's environmentally conscious
his tuna doesn't have celery and he
doesn't overdo the dressin
I fell in love with the Man at the Delicatessen

his bread is never soggy and his grilled cheese is divine
and the way he handles chicken
lord I wish that breast was mine
[harmonica solo]

I know he and I ain't meant to be
I know I should avoid food-service technicians
a lunch lady once broke my heart but I'll never learn my lesson
I fell in love with the Man at the Delicatessen.


The Me Album--2006

Good Things in Small Packages--2007

Banana Genesis--2009

Set List

Sets have ranged from 30-60 minutes. On the street, Katie plays for two two-hour periods, with a short break in between.

Sample Set List:

Shine a Light
Everything Again
Devotion Street
I Owe You One
For Awhile
Wonder Is
The Man at the Delicatessen
On a Greyhound in Connecticut
Campus Convenience
My Thoughts Come Back To You

Covers: The Married Men (The Roches) Put It Out for Good (Amy Ray) Sourwood Mountain (Traditional) Whiskey in the Jar (Traditional) Wonderwall (Oasis)