Katie Wall

Katie Wall


People have told me my music reminds them of dreams they've had about flying on a carpet above a lush and magical forest landscape. It could be the way I play the piano so passionately or the intoxicating lyrics that tantalize their subconscience desire to be free.


Katie Wall is a dynamic musician with an ecclectic syle, influences ranging from Nina Simone, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, and Joni Mitchell. Her Celtic approach to jazz and funk leave the keys on her piano vibrating to a different tune and her lyrics bring consciousness to a new level. She has just returned from a three year expedition to New Orleans, performing weekly at the Blue Nile on Frenchman Street. Opening for everything from Reggae (Higher Heights) to a full Jazz Ensemble. Her solo performance was greeted with wild enthusiasm.


Simon, Addiction to Violence, Dream.

Set List

Simon, Butterfly, Seymore, Dream, Crazy Man, Addiction to Violence, Lunar Mercury, Castle, Astronomy, Alizarin Crimson, Jerusalem Night, She Know's Dali's Secret, Persia's Loving Women, Mali, Love Song,