Katie Workman

Katie Workman


Katie Workman's songs are personal, confessional...and practically testimonial. They rock hard in all the right places and whisper softly when they need to be thoughtful. Katie takes an inner dialogue and makes it completely universal. An absolutely inspirational worship leader & concert performer.


Katie Workman is a worship leader and a Music Ministries Director at a large church in Peterborough Ontario an independent recording artist and a gifted songwriter. Katie Workman's singles 'Let Them Hear' , 'I'll Go' ,'Nothing New' and Don't Forget are receiving airplay on Christian and Satelite radio stations across Canada .


Katie Workman knows herself and knows what to do with her life, and when it came to writing her eagerly awaited first album, “Transcripts”, she had one crystal clear goal in mind: To share through her music the hope she has found in Jesus Christ. While performing in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2005 with Mission of T.E.A.R.S. she grasped for the first time the desperate need of third world nations. The Canadian-born independent artist realized that her passionate songs and unique voice gave people hope.

“Transcripts” is brimming with gutsy guitar riffs and instantaneously catchy head boppin’ choruses, powerful pop and quiet introspection. It’s an album that rocks hard in all the right places and whispers softly when it needs to be thoughtful. Katie is obsessed with writing. Writing prayers, songs, notes, letters, random thoughts - she writes them all down, helping her to organize her thoughts and figure things out.

She was doing a lot of "figuring out" when she wrote the songs on “Transcripts”. Each one is a story; a continuing transcript of the life of Katie Workman. That’s why she chose “Transcripts” as the title of her first record. The result is a collection of songs that reveal the personal struggles of this singer/songwriter, from the, angry and defiant “Not Even Missing You” (Yes, even Christians write angry breakup songs) to the irrepressible first single “I’ll Go”—to the emotional ballad “Waiting,” which she wrote for a close long-time friend who had wandered from his faith.

As an artist with a keen and well-trained ear for vocals and harmony, Katie was intensely involved in every aspect of Transcripts’ creation: From being firmly independent while writing her own songs (“I don't like anyone telling me what to write,” she emphasizes. “I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound”), to choosing her producer and session band, to tirelessly making the three hour trek (one way) and tweaking vocal tracks in the studio, she worked hard to ensure that it would be her very best. Of course, all of the deeply spiritual, passionate energy that drives the album will come to life on stage.

A great deal has happened in Katie Workman’s life since her chilly February visit to Russia, when she was 19 years old. Doors miraculously opened leading her to recording her first album as a means to launch her ministry and pursue her “calling”. Katie strives to keep her feet on the ground and her eyes focussed on writing powerful life changing lyrics and songs. The Peterborough, Ontario native isn’t chasing superstardom, although she’s thrilled to be breaking into the U.S. and Canadian charts. She's grasping at something bigger than herself and even bigger than music. First to point others to Christ and secondly to arrouse compassion and a willingness to give to the adoption and orphanage ministry
Mission of T.E.A.R.S founded by Rev. Gordon Lewis and his wife Diane of Peterborough.

She got married in October 2007, which makes focusing on her career a little challenging, but it hasn’t slowed her down. She continues to write songs spawned from her experiences in life and is driven by the desire to share them with the world. “Transcripts” is Katie Workman at a new stage in her life; she’s passed through the shadows of teen naivety and emerged ready to sing out Christ's message of hope. She hopes you enjoy the fruits of her obsession.
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I'll Go

Written By: Katie Workman

I’ll Go- by Katie Workman

Verse 1
Faithful One, take me farther
Take me farther in this race
Faithful One, there’s no other
That I’d follow from this place

What you would have me to do for you
I don’t know
But I am ready and willing to go
My eyes are open, my ears waiting to hear
Just say the word
And I’ll go

Verse 2
You’ve been faithful to me
Faithful completely
And now its up to me
To prove I’m willing, just tell me

What you would have me to do for you
I don’t know
But I am ready and willing to go
My eyes are open, my ears waiting to hear
Just say the word
And I’ll go

Nothing New

Written By: Katie Workman

Nothing New
Verse 1
How many times have I been here
Right here in this nightmare
Dreaming dreams that I fear
May not let me go
Night after night, keep waking just to fall asleep again
Time after time I pick it up after promising this is the end.

I just need to let it go
I just need to trust you, Lord
I just need to know
It’s nothing new to you

Verse 2
How many times have I been told I’m only hurting myself?
From the look in their eyes this is getting old, they say
This isn’t good for me, my stubborn heart cant see
I’m not hurting anyone but me


Let Them Hear

Written By: Katie Workman & James Linderman

Let Them Hear by Katie Workman and James Linderman
Verse 1
Our corrupted TV screens display abandoned dreams
Enough tears to flood our cities
In the eyes of those who cry, we see fear
They’re not ready to die

Verse 2
It’s a hurting world, in need of hope
The one’s he loves have nowhere to go
It’s our mission as his children to be a hero
To put away our fear, and let them hear

For a world that feels forsaken
Our souls have now been shaken
God wakes us from our slumber
To use our voices like thunder
All over the nations
Let all of creation
Hear the voice of God
Let them hear of salvation

This life is all they have, but the end is so near
The enemy’s wrath grips their souls with fear


Don't Want to Lose This

Written By: Katie Workman

Don’t Want to Lose This by Katie Workman
Verse 1
How long, how long will it take
For a simple song, for my song to ever create
A picture of you from my view
Your heart from my eyes
What comes into view when I’m looking at you
Don’t know if I can describe

I’m at loss for words
Don’t know for sure
Just how it came to this, but
All I know is you’re Heaven kissed
And I never, ever want to lose this

Verse 2
Looking at you puts a smile across my face
Thinking of you brightens up my day
And I thank the Lord every day, more and more
For every moment you spend with me
And I can’t ask for more, you’re all I’ve prayed for
Heaven made you for me

Just when I lost faith, just when I thought love was hopeless
You made my heart sing, I came alive with your kiss


It's Not Everyday

Written By: Katie Workman

It’s Not Every Day by Katie Workman
Verse 1
It’s not every day you hold up a blaze and watch it shine
And it’s not every day you lift you face and decide to fly

I guess I’m able, cause I
I’ve got an angel in my life
But it’s not every day

Verse 2
And it’s not every day you find a lake that you can run on
And it’s not every day the clouds will break when you wish for the warm sun
Well you don’t see her leaping mountains
But I’m right with her, we’re such good friends
And she’s holding me
As I reach for my dreams



Debut Album 'Transcripts' released in 2006.
Tony Lind (Guitar)& Darryl McWaters of 'Hewit'(Drums)
Ian Tanner of 'One Hundred Days'(Bass)
Produced by Andy Horrocks at AME Studios in Kitchener, ON, Canada


Set List

Katie Workman's typical set list for a Christian concert setting includes songs from her debut album 'Transcripts'

Worship sets for church services will include original worship songs, popular favourites, hymns, and selected songs from her debut album 'Transcripts'.