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Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2023 | SELF

Chicago, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2023
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"Latin Sensation Katiria Unleashes Fiery New Single Titled Villana"

Breaking Boundaries: Raising Latin Artist Drops Fresh Salsa Single!

April 17, 2023 - Puerto Rican singer Katiria has released her latest salsa single titled "Villana", a song full of energy and rhythm that is sure to become a hit on the music scene. With her distinctive voice and unique style, Katiria has once again demonstrated her ability to blend musical genres and offer something fresh and exciting to her fans around the world.

Villana is a song that combines the passion and flavor of salsa with modern elements of pop, creating a unique and contagious sound that invites you to dance and enjoy the music. With intriguing and powerful lyrics, Katiria expresses her empowerment and her determination to leave behind a situation in which she was vilified, showing herself as the protagonist of her own story and taking control of her life.

Katiria's new song has been enthusiastically received by her fans, who have praised her vocal ability and her ability to convey emotions through her music just a couples of weeks after releasing her fully English pop single Come Closer, a feel-good pop song that invites listeners to let go and lose themselves in its infectious energy. The song's catchy chorus and upbeat tempo are guaranteed to get people dancing and singing along. "Villana" is a testament to Katiria's artistic talent and versatility, as she continues to establish herself as one of the most prominent artists on the Latin music scene.

In Katiria's words about her new single: "I'm excited to share 'Villana' with my fans. I think it has been the song that most represents me in terms of lyrics, sound and composition. I love salsa. I grew up listening to artists like Olga Tañon, Marc Anthony, and Celia Cruz, who were part of my inspiration in this project. Being able to make a salsa has been an immense pleasure, and even more so in my terms. I was always a brave girl who could never stay silent but many times people confuse my kindness with naive and that's what this song is about. When people want to take advantage of your kindness and you come to defend yourself, suddenly, you are the bad person".

Katiria has worked tirelessly on her music and has shown an unwavering dedication to her art. With a career in constant evolution, the artist has achieved a distinctive sound that fuses the essence of Latin music with modern elements and her personal style. Villana is a perfect example of Katiria's musical evolution and her commitment to innovation and creativity in her work.

The release of Villana is accompanied by a video clip that shows Katiria's energy and charisma presenting, with exciting choreographies and an impressive staging. The video has been enthusiastically received by fans, who have praised Katiria's performance and style.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/cenWV5NGfh4

With her new song, Katiria continues to make her way on the international music scene, showcasing her talent and dedication to her art. With its unique blend of salsa and pop, Villana promises to be a hit on the dance floors and charts, and we're sure it will be enthusiastically received by Latin music fans around the world.

The single is the perfect showcase for Katiria's impressive vocal range and talent for creating infectious pop hooks. Katiria has once again shown why she is one of the most exciting rising stars in Latin pop. Fans can stream the single on all major music platforms and be sure to follow Katiria on social media for updates on upcoming performances and releases. - Benzinga

"Get Ready to Groove With Katiria’s First-Ever English Single ‘Say You’ll Stay’"

Up-and-coming Latin pop singer Katiria is breaking all lingual barriers with her latest English song ‘Say You’ll Stay’. This is the first-ever English track recorded by the artist and reflects her amazing hold over both languages. Previously, this music artist has garnered a lot of attention with her Latin pop tracks and now she is ready to set new records with this latest musical approach in English. The single consists of a smooth blend of R&B music and neo-soul composition that captivates the audience with a major hook. Her meandering vocal skills pour down an additional layer of creativity to track, making it more enjoyable and engaging at the same time. The lyrical approach in the track is quite romantic along with a delightful soundscape that stirs the deeper emotions. This is one of the greatest musical contributions by the artist which is paving even a greater way for success.

Based in Puerto Rico, Katiria is of the finest music artists with her talents in singing and songwriting. She has previously dropped many singles like ‘Mi Porpuesta’, ‘Hypnosis’, ‘Down My Walls’, etc that helped her attention from the global listeners belonging to various regions of the USA, Latin America, and Europe as well. Her EP ‘La Tentacion’ is also a mention-worthy musical project that reflected her sheer skills and individuality. For her precious contributions to the industry, she was featured as a guest at the 2021 Latin Grammy Award. Although most of her musical creations are in Spanish, the latest track ‘Say You’ll Stay’ is breaking the norms with the contemporary musical approach. The track has also premiered with an official music video on June 24, produced by Screen Break. Currently, she is looking forward to her upcoming events at Lost Lake Lounge, Underground Music Showcase, and many other places. Follow this talented singer on Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram to know more. -

"Latin Artist Katiria gains popularity among teens with the new single ‘Down My Walls’"

Puerto Rican Singer and Songwriter Katiria combines her passion for sweet melodies with the obsession for some serious romance in her new single ‘Down My Walls’.

The upcoming Latin singer Katiria becomes the new sensation of the pop realm with a brand new hit single ‘Down My Walls’. She was already famous among the teen world for her sizzling romantic stories accumulated in her songs; now she competes with the in-demand Latin female artists to earn the full-grown tag of an international artist. Following the trends of Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello, Shakira, and other internationally acclaimed artists, she comes up with the banger with the best mixed bag of Latin verses and English choruses. She is a versatile Puerto Rican Singer and Songwriter who expresses her struggle with a breakup in this song.

Puerto Rican Singer and Songwriter Katiria is in the process of breaking through because she just gave out her biggest hit to date, ‘Down My Walls’. The song is available on Spotify whereas the music video is streaming on YouTube. She wants to reach her fans when the pain becomes unbearable, at a point when she hits the rock bottom and becomes a hopeless romantic. The breathtaking chorus with a soulful quality of stunning vocals leads us to an enveloping soundscape. She emanates a sense of intimacy from the warm melodies that she blends with confident Latin lyrics. Follow her on Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for more music. - Hughes Nelson

"Our 14 Favorite Sets From This Year’s Underground Music Showcase"

The Underground Music Showcase has, yet again, swept through Denver on the wave of a hot weekend brimming with sweat and music. Attendees caught up with their favorite local and national acts. Or, more likely, they caught a couple of notes from outside a venue, sauntered in and had a great time while getting to chat with the artist afterward. It is a festival busting at the seams with community and camaraderie and for that, we thank it. The Denver music scene would not be the same without the summer’s capstone project. Read on to explore 303 Magazine‘s favorite acts from the weekend.

Yugs x Katiria

Yugs and Katiria’s duel performance was an open invitation to dance. The Denver producer, Yugs, known for dreamy and sometimes psychedelic lo-fi beats, created a more proactive atmosphere when combined with Puerto-Rican-born singer Katiria. Both came with their own strengths but together created an environment that called out to plenty walking in the streets to stop and move their body to a language they might not have understood but felt deeply. — Andrew Venegas - 303 Magazine

"Rising Star Katiria Releases New Single Titled Say You’ll Stay Read more: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/rising-star-katiria-releases-new-single-titled-say-youll-stay#ixzz8Rd99BIni"

Lyrics that interact with the soul and music that touches the heart, Katiria is ready to be heard worldwide.

Katiria is a USA based singer and songwriter born and raised in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. She has gained popularity all over the USA, Latin America, and Europe for her euphonious voice and charismatic personality. Her latest single, ‘Say You’ll Stay,’ was released on June 24, and is available on all leading music platforms. The artist is getting out of her comfort zone and reaching out to a new public with her first-ever song fully recorded in English.

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Fall in love again with Say You’ll Stay, a romantic R&B that elicits all the euphoria of finding that special someone. Katiria’s voice pierces through the listener’s heart. ‘I want people to look at their partner and remember that first day they met, or that first dance, or even that first kiss that assure them that it was going to be okay as long as you have them.’ shared Katiria. The overwhelming response within hours of the release of her new song made her emotional. She continued, ‘Music is the most elite love language. I am truly grateful to my fans for showering me with all the love.’ Watch the music video below.

The music video for Say You’ll Stay was produced by ScreenBreak, a local cinema production company led by Marcus Daniels and was filmed at The Bug Theater in Denver, Colorado. The artist has worked with Marcus previously on videos, such as Hypnosisand Down My Walls. The music video begins with a light-hearted off-screen snippet of Katiria expressing her excitement about her first English song. Immediately drawing attention is her shimmer sequin dress in which she looks nothing less than a dream, shining like a diamond in a pitch-black theater. A fan wrote ‘She never fails to impress. Katiria is the most versatile artist in the industry at the moment. She is not afraid to do something different or create a new sound’. Another die-hard fan continued, ‘This song is absolutely beautiful. It felt very personal to me- her eyes were speaking the emotions, the depth of the lyrics and how personally connected she is with it.’ The song ‘Say You’ll Stay,’ was produced by Magna Producciones, a group from Argentina and Spain with whom Katiria previously collaborated for her single, Hypnosis. Although the team is located internationally, Katiria is constantly working with them despite the distance.

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Katiria will be making appearances this summer and performing at various events, such as the Underground Music Showcase (UMS). For her contribution to the Latin American Pop music industry and outstanding achievements, she was invited as a guest 2021 Latin Grammys. It was a great honor to be at the Latin Grammy’s and share a room with so many great artists that I’ve admire throughout my career,’ said Katiria. The artist has been mainly known her Latin Pop sound and Caribbean beat from her previous releases, but this new song has expanded her domain, experimenting with the popular new mix of genres.

Currently residing in Denver, Colorado, the Latin American artist found her love for music and acting at an early age. Following her father’s footsteps, the singer is no stranger to the music industry. Katiria’s dad was a well-known singer and songwriter for the Salsa and Merengue genre. She began performing at the age of eight. In quest of finding what she loved, the multi-talented artist performed in local talent competitions, attended acting school, and attended a dancing academy while simultaneously producing music. She was admitted into the School for the Performing Arts in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, and the San Juan Drama Group. Continuing her love of acting and music, she performed in the island’s most prestigious theaters.

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In 2011, Katiria was chosen to host a televised talent show with over 4,000 people in attendance and over 18 featured artists, with three performances, starting herself, on the same night. Katiria competed talent event with larger audience and winning first place in the singing category.

The self-taught artist and music producer decided to pursue music as a career in 2020. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown around major parts of the world, Katiria polished her singing skills and learned about music production. Her talent and sheer passion for music became a reality when she became an overnight sensation with her debut single ‘Mientes’. Katiria was recognized as ”Colorado’s absolute best musicians’ by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) on channel 12 and the top favorite local artist by 303 Magazine. - Digital Journal





Recognized as a Tidal Rising Latin Artist, Katiria is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter and composer known for her smooth Latin pop sound and soulful lyrics. Born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, Katiria has demonstrated her ability to blend musical genres — from reggaetón, salsa, cumbia, R&B, and pop music— offering something fresh and exciting to music lovers around the world. Katiria shared the stage  with Lido Pimienta during her USA tour at the prestigious venue, Levitt Pavilion Denver with a maximum capacity of 7,500 people. The event was sponsored by Live Nation, Indie 102.3, Colorado Public Radio (CPR), and Levitt Pavilion Denver. 

She has been recognized as ”Colorado’s absolute best musicians” by Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Top Favorite Colorado Artist by 303 Magazine, and was featured in Univision TV and Telemundo. Katiria has many experience performing at festivals, such as Underground Music Showcase (UMS), where her performance was named top 14 sets in the festival, according to 303 Magazine

She initially started writing songs at age seven (7) and received her very first guitar on her 4th birthday and continued exploring her passion by going to The School of the Performing Arts in Puerto Rico, where she was born and raised. She learned about music through her father who was also a singer, songwriter, and composer for Puerto Rican artists Hector Tricoche, Lalo Rodriguez, and Frankie Ruiz. 

Katiria pursued her solo music career during the 2020 pandemic, when she bought a microphone, taught herself about music production, and recorded her songs in her own bedroom. Her first release Mientes became an immediate success when it grabbed the attention of many and was featured in various radio stations worldwide. Although Mientes was the beginning of her journey, she was discovered by many with her single Hypnosis, receiving a major spotlight in the Latin music industry and getting recognized with her distinctive voice and unique style.

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