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Kat Jones

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Rock Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Singer-songwriter who writes damn good songs..""

"Kat Jones, a singer-songwriter who writes damn good songs and who's new album, La Rosa, La Calavera, should have no trouble convincing you." - Esquire Magazine

""A fantastic songstress, equal parts haunting, heartbreaking, and lush...""

"Kat Jones is a fantastic songstress, equal parts haunting, heartbreaking, and lush. She can be mellow as Mazzy Star, and she can rock like P.J. Harvey. Thankfully, she’s neither completely, but rather the best of both. She’s far too under the radar for our liking, so please give her a listen (she’s got two MP3s for download), and support her music by buying an album or twelve. You can also stream a few songs over at her MySpace page."
- Progressivewednesday.com

""Kat is, in the truest sense of the word, an artist...""

"Kat is, in the truest sense of the word, an artist. All of her songs are expertly crafted to be exactly what she wants them to be. From the musical aspect all the way to her incredible songwriting, she really does it all, and does it all very well."
-INDIE VISION MUSIC - Indievisioinmusic.com


The Glory Green e.p. (2001)
Building (2002) - Rel. Velvet Blue Music
Demos For Lenz V.1,2&3 (2003)
La Rosa, La Calavera (2004) - Rel. Velvet Blue Music
I'll Be Home For Christmas E.P. (2004)
I'll Be Home For Christmas Single (2004) - Rel. Lujo Records
Demos For Friends Vol.1 - Kat Jones Live Recording (2006)
Santa's Little Songbirds - Kat Jones Live Recording (2007)
Other Live Shows from 2005-2007 are available at Discrevolt.com
He's The One I Need The Most e.p. - Self Release, Distro. Velvet Blue Music (2008)
Without A Sound e.p. - Self Release, Distro. Velvet Blue Music (2009)



Once in every while an artist comes around that is seemingly as fresh, bright, and delicious as an apple picked right off the tree. Void of any obvious imperfection, unmarred by worm holes or stunted by lack of sunlight, the apple is infused with such beauty and vitality that one cannot suppress the urge to taste.

This apple is Kat Jones -- taste, you must.

Kat Jones was born on a swealtering day in the nuclear sunhine of Fresno, CA to two parents, one of whom went into a gas station to get a candy bar and a newspaper whilst the other was left heaving and nervous in the hot car. None, the less, Kat came into being on May 20th (a day which 500 years previous the world nearly met it's desmise at the hand of Haley's Comet) in the cold overcoditioned comforts of a sterile hospital. She presently hails from Nashville, TN but tours the world attempting to provide alertness, wakefulness, courage, and comfort in these dark, distracting, and profoundly materialistic times.

Kat Jones (also known as The Reverend Kat Jones) is the songwriter, singer, and soothsayer who heads Kat Jones & The Propehts. Armed with a starteling operatic voice, tinged with punk, eastern European, and operatic influences, Kat's voice soars and careens through airid and desperate places to bring life where there was once only desolation and despair.

With one full length record, several e.p.'s, and several national and international tours in her wake, she and The Prophets now prepair for the release of their new album and prepare for a season of heavy summer and fall touring in 2015.

Give in to temptation, there is no sin in partaking of this apple. Kat Jones’ first album is available on Velvet Blue Music.

Written By Jocelyn Toews

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