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Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
Band World Jazz


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Katjusha in an issue of the Amberger Zeitung (DE)"

“….a little hint of her finger, a spread of her arms, an inviting glance of her big dark eyes- and the audience is clapping rhythmically...

Later she explodes while dancing in the coloured skirt and the gopher blouse.
She is dancing barefooted between cables and wires, she is hoping, swinging the wide skirt…”
- Amberger Zeitung

"Katjusha in an issue of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (DE)"

“…the singer in her coloured folk garment that reminds us of traditional Rumanian costumes is dancing barefooted to the rhythmically clapping audience...

She tells us her sages by using her feet which show us the way from sadness to absolute and never ending vitality….

An attractive woman, colourful singer and passionate dancer…”
- Süddeutsche Zeitung


1997 : CD Romane Gila
2002 : CD Trajo
2004 : DVD Klezmerträume
2005 : CD Pashi Jäg



KATJUSHA KOZUBEK makes her German origin, influenced by a Russian and Polish culture, become the concept, inspiration, and resource of her art: Her "Gypsy-roots".

Today she lives together with German Sinti and performs on stages in her home and foreign countries. KATJUSHA, dancing singer, stories telling dancer and dancing actress uses her geographical origin as a transnational concept of arts. She started her artistic career as a flamenco dancer and with dance improvisation in a gipsy way.
Her interpretations of European concert folklore, reaching from Yiddish to Roma & Sinti songs, or Finland, Hungary, and Poland affairs, are very convincing and bewitch with tenderness and dithyrambic temper as well as through Katjusha Kozubek's mimic and gestic expression.

Her fascinating appearance rides between inapproachability and perfect addiction to the audience who laugh and cry with her. Every melody and text, no matter what language, appears to be unique due to her own interpretations and therefore are extremely pleasurable. KATJUSHA KOZUBEK's songs will never sound alike due to the fact that it breaks through musical boundaries in order to celebrate the beauty of diversity; Mixing folksongs, chansons, jazz, swing, classic, and Latin-American rhythms, which can be more modern or traditional.

KATJUSHA KOZUBEK's owns a breath-taking temperament, as well as mimics and gestures, giving her an exciting stage-present. Her embodiment is distinguished by eastern-European music theatre, her fascinating charisma lies between aloofness and complete dedication to her audience.

nspires people through concerts by the Philharmonic Club of the Roma & Sinti e.V. as well as Roma-Folk & Roma-Jazz. She teaches East-European Roma Dance in Austria, Switzerland with courses and workshops in East European Roma dances and courses of movement physiology with the elements of Roma dance culture Germany and is known for her solo dance shows.

Katjusha Kozubek gained her competence as a member of the famous Polish song – and dance ensemble TERNO. She was educated by the Russian Rom dance pedagogic Marjana Seslawinskaja and by the singer and dancer Wassily Zemczusny from theatre “ROMEN”, Moscow.

Furthermore she was instructed by the ballet mistress Helga Dieckmann from DNT Weimar.
But first of all she learned from the daily work with people whose life is connected to dancing and singing….
Often they get newborn on the stage out of a sudden in a spontaneous game together with her excellent companions and with the audience. Pure liveliness!