Kat Larios

Kat Larios


I think my music offers people an opportunity to look at lyricism from the perspective of disorientation. Music is about the feeling you get and the places it takes you, and I believe that I offer a road less traveled. It's a road worth taking, if for no other reason than the sights to be seen.


Born in a bitter blizzard and brought up in a pretty ghetto, Kat Larios is no stranger to drastic variety. Her collection of songs is a haphazard mixbag tinged with familiar flavors, delivered in an unfamiliar package. Previously unknown tones curdle to the surface, giving heavy resonance to mysterious lyrics that seem to unravel themselves with each listen. Even if you're one to shy away from the deep end, her catchy melodies will tide you over in a way that the most infectious pop tune never could. Your soul is sure to stroll off full.

music video for "Mutable Mutineer" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muFfermb3QQ

performing "Flip Jop Jub" with my old band, Concrete Wave : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw27CfYFF1U

singing "Fade Away & Radiate" by Blondie : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATZo-9dXqxs


Gut Bucket

Written By: Kat Larios

If ever I tread on treacherous trade, what can I say?
Iffen inflicted as hand grenade, what can I say?
If ever a current could go both ways, what can I say?
Iffen an etching portrayed such sway, what can I say?

Sob I weep with empathy, pity for fish.
Dipper little whippersnapper asterisk.
Sob I weep with empathy, pity for fish.
Dipper little whippersnapper asterisk.

Let’s say a toothsome one swum to stay, what can I say?
Hobnobbing with hobgoblins led astray, what can I say?
Storm scum port, soaring to save the day, what can I say?
Moribund strikes like a liquid blade, what can I say?

I knew it, I knew it! …
I knew it. I knew it. I knew it. Don’t do it.

“Better never sever” said the etch-a-wretch.
Mopping up the mess that led to gut bucket.

Better never better never better never…

Flip Jop Jub

Written By: Kat Larios

impress me, arrest me, frisk all over metaphorically subject me.
oh the best, it best be yet to come.

quarry falls through as do people quite a sight to seaweed floats but the boats on the shoreline don't telescope jub elope mediocre senile superstition looms in blue.

mad monkeys, first act friendly. thumb by nose for frozen toes i'm kicked, now ash me.
asking answer deficit, is just so short of a span.
vacant minion station looks me up and down and tells me i'm canned.

panacea, you're so familiar. porous callous forest call it dendrophilia.
in the mist, a twisted mystic sun. uh-huh.
date existence ends, yes the date has just begun.

gumption abduction, heart fleeting, not beating. the extremist's pipe dream. so it seems, you're my theme.

kat kong got a black magic wand, bang a beat so sweet for some sacred song, come wrong. flip jop jub sibling side flip flub. club hubcap covered in mud. chiseled tiki's name is flip jop jub, freak ala primo festive wine jug, haven't y'all heard? the name's flip jop jub too. the name's flip jop jub too. i bet you never knew.


Written By: Kat Larios

left unsung a tongue once younger,
tangled torrid test.
bearer 'gainst a beastly blunder,
tundra pool of cess.

send thine cyanosis over,
tremble, traipse, and wend.
mending separated shoulders,
winding 'round the bend.

sea legs turn to phantom limbs,
search from stem to stern.
trace the grid, scrape and skid,
furrow of concern.

carving through no sooner brittle
septum deviates.
treaty shred, full speed ahead,
four front teeth for brakes.

seeping steeping stomping boots,
sopping, soaked with shock.
less than loot, electrocuted;
levitating locks.

Sins Sear

Written By: Kat Larios

dishonorable mention,
lesion for a lesson,
heading reads "possession",
peace for all to rest in.

sins sear!

i know...

planetary pressure,
Pluto's pointed lecture.
privy sinuous sector,
blessed by misadventure.

sins sear!

i know...

trick or treason escapee,
a mask, a soul,
subtract or pull,
ear for an
i know.

Gray Area

Written By: Kat Larios

of a sudden in another moon,
smashed amoebas outta tune,
a shame i know, the winds are soon to sway.

saturn settle back peddle; hung up on lightning.
raid duration retrograde, jaded jukebox UFO sighting.
queasy way, way too much, no milk for I.
beam and scheme kitty, we'll be lappin' up like gemini.
not on me, not on me...

jumpin' fleas beneath the trees,
feel mine eyelids saggin'.
so much gray area,
tainted saints zigzaggin'.

ship stall, free fall; mother ocean's daughter.
echelon was not too fond but chop and rocks was all they taught her.
a mere stone's throw from throwing herself into the flumes.
you'll find more thrills in ribs and gills than slummin' in a silent tomb.
not for me, not for me...

jumpin' fleas above the sea,
etched eyelids saggin'.
so much gray area,
tainted saints zigzaggin'.

toothless truth,
fissured dishes.
churning yearn for favorite fishes.

gotta rot, go carve a notch.
wretched wrist demolish watch,
tick tock uneven.


Bathos In Aqua--LP, 2008
Pity For Fish--EP, 2009

"Lull of Lamb" and "Cyanosis" aired on National Public Radio (NPR)

Set List

10-15 songs on average, with sets lasting from 30 minutes to three hours. Usually one or two covers per set, with songs by Blondie, David Bowie, and Sublime dominating that area.

Typical Setlist:

Flip Jop Jub
Baby Shark in a Bottle
Gut Bucket
Kitty Cannibal
Sins Sear
Gray Area
Mr. Lizard
Mutable Mutineer
Lady Mondegreen