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London, Ontario, Canada

London, Ontario, Canada
Band Folk Bluegrass




"London Free Press "Reany's Pick""

"Look out for this up and coming London act!" - London Free Press

"Katlina & the Gracious on tour with PAINT"

"With a combination of innocence and wicked sexiness along with melodic strumming on her Takamine, she constantly played with…better yet, teased the ever-growing crowd. This was never more prominent that on “Unglued”. I listened to her sing those words and couldn’t help but laugh at her delivery style. You had me right there Katlina! Awesome!" - Velvet Rope Magazine

"Katlina featured on Canada's Rouge Radio"

Canadian artist spotlight of the show:
- Rouge Radio


"Bare Bones" CD (February 2013)

Come home to me
Tear you apart
To be free
This city's dead
For you
Just to know you
Shutter Speed
City Lights

"For you" EP (September 2011)

For you



Katlina brings a darker take to the traditional acoustic style music. There's a bit of rock, blues and folk influence with a sort of eeriness underlying. The overall rawness is balanced tastefully by power driven yet also airy vocals. Her uniqueness is bound to draw you in, and leave you pleasantly surprised.

February 2013:
"Bare Bones" Katlina's NEW folk/blue grass/roots CD was released to the public!

June 2012:
Katlina accompanied Winnipeg, Manitoba's James Cohen and the Prairie Roots Rockers on their south Western Ontario tour.

March/April 2012:
Katlina and her band "Katlina & the Gracious" spent all March and some of April touring accross Ontario and Quebec to promote Katlina's "For you" EP also teaming up with Toronto, Ontario's PAINT at the end of March/April.

February/March 2011:
Katlina accompanied the Danish band "A friend in London" (1st place Eurovision Denmark, 5th place Eurovision international) on their Canadian tour across Ontario playing with various artists such as Sara Smith (the Joys), Maddy Rodriguez(Much Music's Disband/Discovery) and David Ussleman (David and the Haggs.)

September 2011:
"For you" Katlina's debut EP was released selling over 100 copies in the first two days alone locally!

January 2012- Katlina released her first recorded live off the floor music video for "Cocaine"

In 2005 Katlina joined her high school's rock band "Crossroads" after auditioning and getting the role of lead vocalist. The group started as a cover band covering a variety of songs by many different artists including Led Zeppelin, the Cranberries, Black Sabbath, SIlverchair, Smashing Pumpkins etc. The band had a few member changes and in the fall of 2006 Kevin Kennedy (guitarist of Never Ending White Lights/guitar and vocalist of the Dyadics and a faculty member of Clarke Road Secondary School) started coaching/managing the group. Winter of 2007 they won their school's battle of the bands, which sent them to compete in the Jack Richardson Music Awards "Youth" category.
In 2008 the group started writing together for the first time, and the band was once again nominated for a Jack Richardson Music award in the "Youth" category. Katlina graduated high school that year and received the 2008 "Outstanding Musician Award" from her school's music department.
In 2009 she continued to sing in the group and they went under their own management. After starting to play shows on their own, practicing and writing they developed more of a progressive metal feel and started going by the name "Sydian." That summer they hit the bar scene playing venues such as Norma Jeans, the Black Shire and Pandemic Night club and festivals such as Adrenaline Fest, before they were even of age to drink. After recording an EP and playing together for four years the band decided to break up and go their separate ways.
late May of 2010 after a period of barely writing or being involved musically in anything Katlina became inspired by her mom, currently going through a battle with cancer. The first song she wrote is called "For you" written and dedicated to her mom as a reminder of her mom's tremendous amount of strength and positivity she'd kept throughout this difficult process. This launched the beginning of her acoustic self titled project, and as of November she had already written an albums worth of songs and was already playing constantly all around London and area with various local artists.