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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Alternative Hip Hop




"Interview: Kato Dox - Realizing A New State Of Mind"

Interview: Kato Dox - Realizing A New State Of Mind

As an artist, a creator, a human, we’re on a seemingly never ending quest to “find our voice”. Truly expressing ourselves, and speaking our internal truth is what we all seek. The “voice” is the elusive muse who slips around the corner just as you catch a glimpse. Our “voice” is our nakedness for all the world to see.

Kato Dox is an up-and-coming artist who is redefining Austin hip hop and in the process defining himself. Our story starts with a young man growing up in Dallas, TX.

Rage Against the Machine

As with many teens, the teenage years are an emotional roller coaster. As a teenager growing into your own, in the process, you must reject your origin. This growth process, quite often, is expressed with emotions of anger and the targets are your parents. For Kato, this time period was no different.

One of the outlets that helps you cope with these internal volcanoes is music. During this time, Kato would find solace and therapy in the words and rhymes of Eminem and Tupac. The musical outlet would be the fuel for Kato to cope with young adulthood and to connect with hip hop.

The Second Generation

Growing up as a second generation Asian American is interesting in that you’re torn between two worlds. On the one hand, you have the traditional Asian culture and mindset which your parents try to instill in you. And on the other hand, you have the American culture that the world outside of your home is presenting you.

As a young man, finding your place between these two worlds can be confusing. While Kato would work at his studies as a “good Asian kid”, he would also start exploring his passions and artistic abilities with poetry and band. While at the same time, his love and experimentation of hip hop would be hidden from his family in the confines of his bedroom and his notebooks of rhymes.

As Kato honed his skills, he would learn to get out of the mindset of fitting in to pave his own path. During this time, he would put out three mix tapes and begin the journey to discover his own voice and sound. The path would lead to finding a more authentic self and a more authentic sound in his music.

Realizing A New State Of Mind - RANSOM

Now, after putting in the hard work and graduating from UT, he's shown his parents a young successful adult, which has lead to their support of his musical aspirations. In addition, it’s become a family affair with his brothers, who are also musically inclined, and play guitar as part of the Kato Dox band.

The Ransom Life brand is a record label with Kato’s extended family of Jony Glez and Benson J.T., both who are college buddies and help round out the skill set of the team. As you talk to Kato, the concept of “team” is a common theme and you realize his understanding of building a great team is one of the keys to success.

On the heels of his recently released album, Infinity, Kato and the team aim to keep the momentum moving by strategically promoting the album, playing at shows, and starting the work on the next album. - Austin Hip-Hop Scene

"Kato Dox - Land of the Fees, Home of the Slaves"

Kato Dox along with his featured guests Crew54 gave a message that needs to be heard on this joint. The video was well set up starting with Kato sitting on a pile of dinosaur back televisions. Those televisions show different politicians including George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. In the chorus there is a sword-like bar when Kato says “In god we trust but we lust big face” and I believe it is one that can be felt regardless of what one’s religious beliefs may be. His verse touches on great points like the ongoing debate that the government has about immigration by saying “you didn’t really lose your country to minorities/ You chose to hand it over to those crooked politicians/”. He speaks on how schools are lacking funding yet we at still funding wars overseas. Crew54 speaks on minimum wage, the unforgiving judicial system, the wars occuring and coming together as the citizens that are forgotten constantly. A positive song with a positive message is a blessing and shows that hip-hop is getting back to it’s core of discussing the issues that are going on in the world. Check out the video and continue to stay on the look out for Kato Dox. - See more at: http://nikkisiixx.com/2014/03/26/music-video-kato-dox-land-fees-home-slaves/#sthash.dBTS9ZbD.dpuf - NIKKISIIXX

"Kato Dox – Infinity [Album]"

To Infinity and Beyond.

Austin rapper Kato Dox just dropped his new album today called “Infinity” onto iTunes and others music outlets. Infinity is a 10 track album that touches on many of society’s issues while still being an overall fun album. Land of the Fees, Home Of The Slaves is Kato’s first single from the project and focuses on the the everyday problems going on in the United States when it comes to being overworked, under payed, out citizens being slaves to these companies and more. You can watch the music video above or download it for free on his SoundCloud. According to Kato:

The album title, Infinity, is named after the track Infinity which I wrote to capture the feeling of motivation, ambition, and how it feels to be a champion at whatever you do. “Tell them we’ll stop when we hit Infinity” explains it all. This was how I felt during the process of recording the entire project, so it was only right to title it as such.

Make sure to go pick up a copy of his project for $9.99 on iTunes or his website. Also, if you are in Austin, Texas, Kato will be preforming live tonight for free at St. Edwards University at the Topper TV release party. Tweet me @RashadWhite95 if you are interested. - The Original Society

"Austin Hip-Hop Scene Monthly Brings The Noise"

Austin Hip-Hop Scene Monthly Brings The Noise

Photo via Kydd\’s official Facebook page
Austin clearly oozes with musical talent, but it's also obvious that the city has its favorites. Americana, folk, country, indie rock and all that shoe-gaze, dream-pop the hipster Austinites have come to love (or hate). However, the city is gradually beginning to embrace it's local hip-hop scene. Just ask Austin Hip-Hop Scene Monthly creator, Minto Tsai, who plans on releasing a monthly mixtape composed of local hip-hop artists.
"The purpose of Austin Hip-Hop Scene Monthly (AHHS Monthly) is to change the awareness deficiency and showcase Austin's beautiful hip-hop scene," said Tsai. Tentatively called Blue the mixtape will feature ten artists including Kydd, The Triggermen and Marvelous Mike D.
"For the first mixtape I wanted to blend some of the established artists with some of the up-and-comers," Tsai said. From hip-hop mentors Bavu Blakes and Tee Double, to new scene rappers Kydd and Kato Dox, the mixtape encompasses Austin's unique hip-hop flavor. It will be available for free, and include a one-liner providing details of the artists and their songs.
Tsai hopes to expand on his project as well. "The second mixtape is already a good way there," he said. "The feel of it will be a journey into what the future and next generation of artists in Austin will be giving us."
Tsai would like for the project will result in more collaboration and friendly competition between Austin hip-hop artists. The Triggermen DJ Yosamite agrees. "I think that a burgeoning and successful scene is very obtainable," said Yosamite, whose real name is Sam Woodfin. Woodfin believes that AHHS Monthly will contribute greatly to Austin's vibrant hip-hop scene, but there needs to be more support and organization in order for it continue moving forward.
"One thing that I believe would help considerably, is having a regular hip-hop showcase," Woodfin said. "It will give the established artists a place to headline and bring in people, and the newer acts a chance to hone their skills, stage presence and gain notoriety."
As Austin's local hip-hop scene continues to grow, Tsai optimistically looks forward to helping it in every way possible. "I'm so glad I'm doing this. The response from the artists in town have been overwhelmingly positive. I can't be more pleased, and I hope the people of Austin feel the same."
The mixtape will drop the last week of this month through the AHHS Monthly newsletter. The newsletter signup is available here. - Austinist.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Kato Dox grew up in Dallas, Texas, the city where he was first introduced to the sound and culture of hip hop. At a young age, Kato truly excelled in writing and always had a keen interest for poetry. So with the introduction to the hip-hop culture, it was natural for him to gravitate towards rap music and its witty rhyme scheme, metaphor and vivid depiction of everyday life. He started rapping at the age of eleven with school friends and kids from around the neighborhood. His early influences were lyrical rappers that were leading the industry in the 90s such as Tupac Shakur, Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem. He was captivated by the word play and substance that the music contained.

With hard work and dedication, Kato continued to pursue his passion, not for rap music alone, but his passion for music in general. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a bachelor in business. During his attendance at the university, Kato continued to work on music, performing at local venues, and releasing music at a constant pace. To solidify his credibility as a musician, Kato also took courses to learn the elements of music, and all aspect of the industry through Music Entrepreneurship.

He is always up for a challenge and never been the type to be satisfied with his current achievements. So with his graduation from UT, he immediately enrolled back in school, but this time, it was to satisfy his passion for music. He is currently a student at Austin Community College and learning the arts of Audio Engineering and Producing.
Kato has the confidence of a rapper and the knowledge of an Audio Engineer. He prides himself on being a witty lyricist that can provide substance, energy, and adapt to any sub-genre of hip-hop. His motto is to make good music that someone can relate to. He applies the same motto to his start-up label, Ransom Life Records, which he created in early 2010. RANSOM is an acronym that stands for Realizing A New State Of Mind (or Realizing A New Sound Of Music) which is Katos approach for music creation.

Past recognizable show:

Opening act for The Dream (Beauty Bar Ballroom in Austin)
Opening act for Kirko Bangz (Texas Ski Ranch in San Marcos)
Opening act for Sleigh Bells at Forty Acres Fest 2014 (University of Texas at Austin)
Opening act for Music@TheMall with Joseph Vincent
Opening act for YBO with special guest, Jason Chen
Kollaboration Houston (Stafford Centre in Houston)
HipHop on the Hilltops at St Edwards University
Mohawk hosted by LNS Crew
Dirtbag Showcase in Austin
Campus Fusion (University of Texas at Austin)
Cupcake Meet in Dallas
Other local shows

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