Classic guitar riffs comparable to Zeppelin and a new age feel like that of the Muse, the music itself will draw you in. Their lead singer comparable to Brandon Boyd of Incubus and back up singer produce harmonies that are so original you wont believe your ears. This is KATO.


Shying away from monotonous hyperboles found in the bios of most bands, we can promise the following… The music we make carefully provokes thought with recurring themes of self discovery, evolution of character, and the disassociation with constructed feelings found in modern popular culture and counterculture. Understanding the importance of a captivating live performance, we do our best to translate our hard-nose approach to writing in our presentation. We love sharing our message in an exciting and positive atmosphere for people with open ears and minds.


Theory of Communication EP

Set List

1. A Mime Amongst Men
2. Decisions Decisions
3. Fresh Prince
4. Neighbors
5. Excusers Dream part 1
6. Excusers Dream part 2
7. Cover
8. Theory of Communication
9. On the Other Side
10.Acta Diurna

Kato has more material but this is their typical set list recently. They have performed many covers and are constantly writing. Their set usually takes from 45 minutes to an hour.