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Katrina Johansson

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Band Metal Rock


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"Guitar Player Magazine"

GUITARIST: Katrina Johansson

STYLE: Instrumental rock

INFLUENCES: Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, Eddie Van Halen, Ritchie Blackmore



BACKGROUND: Johansson started her training on classical guitar while in her teens, before switching to rock. A veteran of numerous heavy rock bands, Johansson honed her skills playing festivals and clubs around the U.S., covering songs by Iron Maiden, Van Halen, and Accept. But, after seeing
Joe Satriani, she was inspired to focus on her guitar playing and write instrumental rock tunes.
(Guitarist—and speed king—Michael Angelo Batio was impressed enough with her talent to
produce her solo CD.) Johansson has a great feel, and some incredible chops played within strong compositions. In addition to her excellent phrasing and strong vibrato, Johansson is an extremely
impressive speed picker.


http://www.katrinaguitar.com/Guitar_Player_Mag.pdf - New Bay Media, LLC

"Who said rock ‘n’ roll is for boys?"

By SHELLYJANKE - Special to TimeOut November 26, 2008

WAUKESHA - Girls don’t just want to have fun - they want to rock.
That’s the motivation behind an event planned by recording artist and White House of Music guitar teacher Katrina Johansson. The School of Rock Open House, set for Friday afternoon, is a girls-only guitar jam session and an introduction to Johansson’s eight-week course.

"Part of it is to give the girls the opportunity that they really haven’t had," Johansson said. "When I was younger, girls didn’t play the guitar. That’s all starting to change."

During Friday’s free event from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at White House of Music in Waukesha, girls of all ages are invited to hear Johansson play a couple songs, try their hands at playing themselves and learn about the course, which will be offered to girls who have drumming experience or can play at least three chords on the guitar. The course will begin in January and costs $199 per participant. Attendees will take part in weekly, 1 1/2-hour practices with their peers. The girls will write a song, learn how to play it within a band and perform at a concert for family and friends at the end of the course.

Johansson, originally from Milwaukee, picked up her first guitar at age 9 at her parents’ urging after a failed attempt at gymnastics. She has recorded two independent albums, the first, entitled Guitarsongs Volume I with help from guitar legend and Guitar World Magazine columnist Michael Angelo Batio. Her second album, released late last year, is called Love, Surrender, Forgiveness. Johansson - whose influences include Eddie Van Halen and Richie Blackmore - has earned three product endorsements, including nods from Luna Guitars and Dean Guitars.

Johansson hopes the girls who enroll in the course take away a sense of "empowerment."

"Of course it’s about empowering them because traditionally, we all know that guitar playing is a male dominated field, period," she said. "And a lot of women are starting to break through that."

Additionally, the girls will get to use their creativity and boost their self-esteem. They will also learn about teamwork, as they will have to work within a band of their peers.

"It’s just going to be all-around fun," Johansson said.

- Waukesha Freeman

"Review on Marios Metal Mania"

KATRINA JOHANSSON – Love Surrender Forgiveness (MCD) USA November 2008 Ronny Elst
Style: Instrumental Rock / Metal Running time: 16:18 (Tracks: 4)
Having released a heavy instrumental EP in 2005, "Guitarsongs Volume I", Katrina has recently finished her second studio EP, "Love Surrender Forgiveness". On her second EP are 3 new songs and a remix of one of her songs from her first EP. Her songs have a good balance between very melodic, emotional parts and several shredguitar interludes. Some kind of mix of Steve Vai/Joe Satriani and Michael Angelo Batio (who plays bass on her remixed song). Katrina's melodic shredding style has gained her a lot of respect as a female icon in a typically male-dominated genre. Up to a full-length album Katrina!
Visit their website: http://www.katrinaguitar.com
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/katrinajohansson
- mariosmetalmania.com

"Review on Underground Empire"

Erstaunlich! Da gibt es nun wirklich so viele nervige Fiedelheinze, die uns mit Plattenfirmenunterstützung ihr Gefrickel um die Ohren hauen, und diese Frau ist noch unentdeckt geblieben - und zwar schon seit vielen Jahren!
Katrina Johansson hat nämlich bereits vor ihrer aktuellen 4-Song-CD »Love, Surrender, Forgiveness«, im Jahr 2005 ihre erste Soloaufnahme »Guitarsongs Volume 1« veröffentlicht - und die Bezeichnung "Songs" verdienen Katrinas Kompositionen sehr wohl! Hier wird nicht seelen- und sinnlos das Griffbrett zum Glühen gebracht, sondern die hübsche Gitarristin aus Milwaukee achtet auf klare Melodienlinien, einprägsame Instrumentalfiguren und ausgeprägte Dynamik innerhalb der Nummern. Hin und wieder findet man auch mal eine Andeutung in Richtung klassischer Musik im Spiel von Katrina. Und in kurzen Passagen läßt sie auch immer wieder durchblicken, daß sie ihre Finger sehr wohl auch mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit bewegen kann, doch auch dies stellt nur ein Element im ausgefeilten Konzept dar, das Katrinas Songs zugrundeliegt.
Zweifelsohne: Es wäre rundum wünschenswert, daß sich diese Frau, die auf ihren beiden Demoaufnahmen Unterstützung von Ex-NITRO-Musiker Michael Angelo Batio erhalten hat, in angemessenem, größeren Rahmen präsentieren kann. Doch bis dies Realität wird, können sich Liebhaber von exzellenter Gitarrenmusik einige Songs von Katrinas Homepage runterladen:

- underground-empire.com

"She's ready to roar this summer at Harley fest"

Posted: March 13, 2008
Who: Katrina Johansson

Web site:
www.katrinaguitar.com and www.deanguitars.com

Latest CD:
"Love, Surrender, Forgiveness" (all instrumental)

She says she sounds like:
"Joe Satriani."

We say she sounds like:
The Satriani thing is valid, but we hear some Eric Johnson in there as well.

Describe your look:
"I would say rock 'n' roll."

Sell yourself in 20 words or less:
"Guitar-oriented, fast and melodic at the same time. Soulful and intense and, hopefully, interesting."

Favorite food on the road:
"Anything without meat."

Unofficial beverage:

First gig:
"I played Summerfest when I was 12 or 13."

Worst gig:
"I played a restaurant with a blues band once, and they kept telling us to turn down the volume."

Song she's written that she's most proud of: "Love, Surrender, Forgiveness."

Favorite cover song in the live show: "We don't do covers in the live show."

Biggest achievement: "My video on the Dean's guitar Web site. I'm up there with Leslie West and Dave Mustaine."

Why do you do this?
"It's my creative outlet. I've always loved music. I can't imagine music not being part of my life."

Where would you like to be in five years?
"Hopefully I'll still be recording, writing and making music that people like."

What's the greatest song ever written? "
'The Rain Song' by Led Zeppelin."

Next gig:
During the Harley-Davidson events this summer, at a date and location to be announced.

- Dave Tianen

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Review at Guitarz Forever"

Guitarist Katrina Johansson

Having released a heavy instrumental EP in 2005 Guitarsongs Volume I, Katrina has recently finished her second studio release with producer Mike Hoffman, now avaliable on her website. Her melodic shredding style has gained her a lot of respect as a female icon in a typically male-dominated genre. Additional recording and mixing at Studio One with Chris Djuricic.

Guitarist Katrina Johansson Love, Surrender, Forgiveness
Company: Independent Release: 2007

Track listing:

1. Scar Tissue
2. Bellydance
3. Love Surrender Forgiveness
4. K-9 Lullaby

Song one: Scar Tissue – Starts out simply enough with some lush chorusy chordal picking. Then in quick fashion, Katrina kicks in a very distorted and anthem-matic sounding guitar cadence. The drums and bass hammer out the first bars of this tune, all the while, creating a marching tempo to neo-classical guitar stardom. Her first riff right out of the gate is an awesome memorable arppegiated run. And then we go back to the intro, where there is interplay with the lightly picked guitar and the crisp tone of Katrina’s guitar lead lines weaving in and out of the composition. Yeah, makes for an interesting passage. The young guitarists’ prowess and legato lines are flawless, and she knows how to jam in and around a simple but catchy motif. Her lead tones a very warm even on the long fast runs. She keeps her picking clean and well executed. There is no sloppiness here! Johansson understands the concept of ‘playing for the song’ and keeping it appealing to the listener. The song ends in a twist of disheveled rhythmic chops and a crescendos flurry of notes that just keep getting faster and faster until your eyeballs are spinning in the back of your head! “TILT!”

Song Two: BellyDance - I love the dark and mysterious sounds that the big acoustic skins give the song while the guitar’s reflective melody-line propels this harmony fearlessly forward into uncertain aural territories. The arrangement gives me picturesque mind-flashes of “The Great Alexander” and his conquest of the foreign but enticing rich lands of the Sheiks, and Crown Princes. ‘Belly Dance’ is the perfect name for this tune too… Johansson doesn’t mind taking her time with the melody lines. She gives you a well thought out arrangement that helps give her the freedom to create lead lines with feeling and true emotion. Once again, when it comes time to shred, she can do it in the flash of a transitory creative whim… Inspirational!

"Johansson has great feel, and some indcredible chops played within strong song compositions. In addition to her excellent phrasing and strong vibrato, Johansson is an extremely impressive speed picker." - Mike Varney's spotlight from Guitar Player 2006

Song Three: Love, Surrender, Forgiveness – Do I here some classic sounds here. The tune opens very ‘Yes / Journey’ sounding, and I hear other bands and influences from the late 70’s. I guess that must mean I can remember the melody and hum the lead solo. In one section of the song, the crunching rhythm takes me back to weekend pig roasts, beer and volleyball while listening to bands like Van Halen, Rush, Yes and Boston, etc. It’s really unique when you’re listening to a guitarist who can alternate from classic lead playing to Yngwie type shred with out tripping all over herself. Katrina is very proficient in extended legato lines and short burst of some killer tapping techniques. Her bending and phrasing definitely work for me. Timeless!

Song Four: K-9 Lullaby (Remix) – Yeah! AC/DC meets Yngwie Malmsteen. The song’s starts out very arena rock and bombastic. I hear another guitarist’s influence in there too… His name you ask? Randy Rhoads. It’s amazing to think that he was one of the first guitarists to start it all with the neo-classical style guitar playing. The tone that Katrina gets out of her Dean guitar is something to emulate as a thought provoking player… With her Satriani squeaks and squawks, lengthy legato runs, and last but not least, her awe-inspiring finger tapping technique; it’s no wonder why Dean Guitars has her as one of their endorsees. If this album does anything for you, it will definitely make you want to go home and break out your axe and start practicing. Katrina Johansson does have something to say, and I’m sure this is only just the beginning to an illustrious career as a guitar-goddess. “Flash!”


Katrina Johansson - Guitars
Wolfe - Drums
Mike Hoffmann - Bass, Slide Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Michael Angelo Batio - Bass (K-9 Lullaby)
Brad Rohrssen - Drums (K-9 Lullaby)

- guitarz-for-ever.com

"Review at Maximum Metal - Metal Maidens"

Katrina Johansson
Love, Surrender, Forgiveness

Company: Independent
Release: 2007
Reviewer: Nailer
Rating: 4

It's a bit of a shame that virtual guitar playing in video games is getting more views on websites than actual guitar players, but it leads to more publicity to metal as a whole. Skilled practitioners deserve as many accolades as the kids who can play a full song on expert level. Praise for the real players comes on many different levels--chords work, riff creation, song styling, innovation, etc. One class of extreme player is the 'shedder'--those who can play ridiculously fast, blurring their fingers with arpeggio sweeps and scale runs that come from years of studious practice--well-known names include Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rusty Cooley, The Great Kat and Michael Angelo Batio. A common criticism of their axework, is that they don't play with any emotion; they're nothing more than robotic speedsters with the dial set to ultrafast and their playing devoid of any soul. So, what sets Katrina apart from the thousands of other guitarists out there? I think her strength is in her melodic lead work. A melody is, on a simple level, musical sounds in agreeable succession or arrangement. Instead of just stringing together a series of hyper-notes, her leads suggest various emotions. I can't say whether the titles influenced my feelings or vice versa, but they do match up well. "Scar Tissue" is bittersweet until she breaks out a pure speed break at the end. "Bellydance" brings in some Eastern theming. "Love Surrender Forgiveness" is very reflective. "K-9 Lullaby" is the only one that doesn't suggest it's own sound. The ability to make you feel beyond the cerebral level puts her 4-track disc into a special class and if she moves forward into full band work it should turn out very appealing.

Bottom Line: Katrina's work is intimidating and inspiring and well worth listening to.

Track listing:
1. Scar Tissue
2. Bellydance
3. Love Surrender Forgiveness
4. K-9 Lullaby

Katrina Johansson - Guitars
Wolfe - Drums
Mike Hoffmann - Bass, Slide Guitar, 12 String Guitar
Michael Angelo Batio - Bass (K-9 Lullaby)
Brad Rohrssen - Drums (K-9 Lullaby)

- Maximum Metal

"Review at Ultimate Metal"

This is the second studio released album from shred guitarist Katrina Johansson, which will hopefully see her being signed to a major record label, I'm not entirely sure why she isn't so far, although she is endorsed by Dean guitars, which is a definite consolation. This CD is even more powerful than her previous release, Guitarsongs Volume 1, mainly because she is perfecting her playing style to really act as her voice, so the CD is much more personal. Katrina uses strong influences from musicians including Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, Vinnie Moore and Yngwie Malmsteen, yet still keeps her own distinctive style and this album has also allowed her to continue to work with influential musicians including Mike Hoffman (who also produced the album), Wolfe, Michael Angelo Battio, Brad Rohrssen and Victor DeLorenzo.

The album is four songs long and begins with the track 'Scar Tissue', which alternates between a lush rhythm guitar melody and powerful heavy riffs with almost tribal sounding drums, this is interwoven with Katrina's impressive guitar work which makes good use of legato and some brilliant picking techniques and finishes with a pretty mental guitar solo! The second track 'Bellydance' has, quite obviously, a very strong eastern feel (in a heavy metal sense anyway!) and is a weaving of slinky rhythm guitars, sexy drumbeats and an unusual use of scales. Track three is 'Love, Surrender, Forgiveness', the title track of the album and seems a very personal, poignant and reflective track which really allows her voice to show through her guitar playing. Track four, the remix of 'K-9 Lullaby' features strong solo-ing and picking techniques and is a powerful and impressive tune, which has obviously drawn influences from some of Steve Vai's more epic guitar work (though minus the song length!).

Love, Surrender, Forgiveness, although very short at just over 16 minutes long, is still one to try and get hold of and Katrina Johansson is an artist worth looking up and hopefully this year will see her signed and on tour!
- ultimatemetal.com

"Interview at Metal Maidens"

There aren’t too many female guitarists around, which is a real shame. But those, we know of, have showed that they’re more than capable of surviving in this male-dominated world. People, like JENNIFER BATTEN and CARINA ALFIE sure know to pull the strings and of course there are some great female axeplayers around, who show their skills in a band. KATRINA JOHANSSON is a relatively new name in the scene for some of us. After listening to the four songs on her EP “Guitarsongs Volume I”, we came to one conclusion only, that this female shredder is certainly a name to remember. Obviously, there’s a long and very promising future in store for her, so we’d like to introduce this lady a bit closer to you. You can’t be quick enough, because before you know it, she will hold a Grammy in her hands. Yes, her talent is that promising. Don’t say, we didn’t warn you! We asked about her musical career so far, and we also found out that she likes some very spicy Indian food. No wonder, that this lady is real HOT! Metal Maidens introduces you to KATRINA JOHANSSON....

Please introduce yourself to our readers....
Katrina Johansson: “Hi everybody! My name is KATRINA JOHANSSON and I’m a rock/shred guitarist, who has taken lessons from internationally known guitarist MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO and GARY HOEY. I have attended the Wisconsin Conservatory, where I studied classical and rock guitar. I am endorsed by Dean Guitars. I have toured with regional bands and have released a CD of heavy intstrumental music in 2006 on M.A.C.E. Records, MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO’s records label.”

Johansson with a double “S” sounds like a Swedish name to me. Are you originally from Sweden?
KJ: “Yes, Johansson is a Swedish name. My mother is from Sweden, moved to the U.S., when she was about twenty years old. Her entire family still lives in Sweden, mainly in the Southwestern region. I used to visit every year and think it is one of the most beautiful places.”

When did you start to gain interest in music and guitar playing in particular?
KJ: “I always loved music, even as a small child. I would spend hours listening to the radio and singing along. We always had classical music playing on the stereo, when I was growing up. I became interested in the guitar as a child and hearing Eddie van Halen changed everything!!”

Do you play any other instruments besides guitar?
KJ: “Only guitar.”

Who can we see as your musical influences?
KJ: “I have a lot of favorite guitar players. My main influences would have to be Eddie van Halen (VAN HALEN), JOE SATRINI, Peter Lindgren from OPETH, Greg and Duane Allmann (THE ALLMANN BROTHERS), GARY MOORE, and I could go on and on....”

You released a four track EP in 2005, which is called “Guitarsongs Volume 1”. How did the press react to it?
KJ: “I received a lot of positive reviews from the press, including Guitar Player magazine. Some of the reviews are posted on my website. I was very happy with the mix on my last CD. My favorite song on the CD is "K-9 Lullaby", because of the melodies. It also seemed to put my dog and a few friend's dogs to sleep, kind of soothed them. That is where the title came from.”

You are endorsed by Dean Guitars. How did this happen and what’s so special about Dean Guitars?
KJ: “I sent a CD to Elliott Rubinson of Dean Guitars and he gave me an endorsement. Dean Guitars are not only unique looking, but they have a real killer sound. My ML has great action, too.”

When you think of Dean Guitars, a lot of people will immediately refer to Dimebag Darrell of PANTERA (R.I.P.) for using these guitars. You recently received a new Baby Dime from the Dean collection. What’s special about this particular guitar? And what do you think of Dimebag as a guitarist?
KJ: “Dimebag was a great guitar player. He influenced a lot of musicians and had a really unique style. The guitar on my website is my main Dean Guitar, 79 ML.”

Your music is the perfect combination of melodic parts mixed with raw shred licks. You also see this back in the list of influences you mention on your website. MALMSTEEN, HENDRIX, BLACKMORE, GARY MOORE - all artists have a more relaxed mellow side and a side, where they want to crank the shit out of you. Is that one of the criteria, while writing a new song? Meaning, a song has to have a melody, next to some louder, heavier parts as well?
KJ: “I think, it is very important to have melody in a song. There is a time to shred, but without melody most people can not listen to you for too long. With melodic songs you can reach a broader audience.”

Maybe you can tell us more about how a new song is born. How do you go about, when writing new material?
KJ: “I don't really have a writing method. I may get an idea while driving or running or sometimes when I’m just practicing. Creativity can never be forced. I also have not collaborated on any material for a very long time.”

Have you ever been asked to join a band, and what are your thoughts about joining a band in the future?
KJ: “I would like to put a band together, when I am finished with my new CD. I may also just do some shows with backing tracks.“

If you could put together a band with any musician of your choice, what would this band look like?
KJ: “If I could put together a fantasy band, it would be Flea (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS) or Steve Harris (IRON MAIDEN) on bass, Alex Van Halen on drums and maybe Wolf Hoffmann of ACCEPT on guitar. I could come up with a million scenarios!”

Do you play live with a band or are you backed up with a tape? I remember seeing JENNIFER BATTEN here in Holland, giving some kind of master class with a tape. And I really had the time of my life.
KJ: “I may play a few shows to backing tracks, but I prefer the onstage camaraderie of having band members.”

Jennifer’s speciality is the finger tapping technique. Do you have your own speciality?
KJ: “I just wanted to say, that JENNIFER BATTEN is a great guitarist and musician. I don't think I have any specialty, you would have to ask my fans.”

What I also would like to know is how you choose your song titles. And isn’t it extremely difficult to come up with a title for an instrumental song?
KJ: “When it comes to song titles, I’d say whatever is inspiring me, positive or negative.”

There aren’t too many female guitar wizards around. We mentioned JENNIFER BATTEN here already and we could also mention somebosy like CARINA ALFIE, but that’s about it. Isn’t it difficult for you to be one of the very few ladies around in the world of guitar heroes?
KJ: “I think, that some barriers are lifting for women guitarists and musicians, but we still have a long way to go. I have a lot of young girl students and it is inspiring to see the eight and nine year old girls wanting to play electric guitar!”

Do you see yourself as a guitar hero, or more as a gifted musician?
KJ: “I don't see myself as a guitar hero, just someone who loves to play and write.”

You are also a guitar teacher at Hartland Music in Hartland Wisconsin. What’s it like to teach your pupils how to play rock guitar?
KJ: “I love teaching! It is really inspiring to watch my students grow as musicians and it is really gratifying to see them catch on. I always try to raise the bar. I have taught beginners to tap. Anything can be possible!”

You also teach classical guitar. Is there a huge difference between people, who want to play rock guitar and those, who want to learn to play classical guitar?
KJ: “I studied classical guitar, when I was a teenager, but I do not teach classical.”

Tell us a bit more about your guitars (like how many guitars you own), and the gear you prefer to use?
KJ: “I have two Dean Guitars, a tobacco sunburst Dean 79ML (wicked sound), Dean Baby Dime. My students love my ML. I also have a Fender Acoustic and a tobacco sunburst Zion Strat. I like Framus Amps, Rocktron Effects and Line 6 Effects also. There are so many great products to choose from. It gets a little overwhelming!”

You will be releasing a new CD this year. Can you tell us a bit more about it (how many songs, album title, etc), and do you have a date set already?
KJ: “My new CD is getting closer to being finished. It has been wonderful to be able to take my time and there are some surprise guests. I am working with producer and musician Mike Hoffmann (http://www.mikehoffmann.net). His bio reads like a who's who of rock. I have learned so much from him and he is really brilliant!”

Metal Maidens ‘zine is based in Holland, or the Netherlands, if you like. What more do you know about our country, besides the fact that we have beautiful tulips and windmills?
KJ: “Two of the world’s greatest artists are from Holland; Rembrandt and Van Gogh. “Starry Night” and “Irises” by Van Gogh are two favorites of mine.”

Do you have other hobbies or interests, besides playing and teaching guitar?
KJ: “I do have other interests, besides playing guitar. I love running, biking, skating, anything outdoors and animals. Kickboxing is great. My web designer has a great Martial Arts school, http://sageartsstudio.com/ I also love to read and play with my dog. There never seems to be enough hours in a day!”

I read, that you like spicy food a lot. I also like my food very spicy, and in my CD review it says, that I would ask you about your favorite spicy food dish. Well, here’s the question. I always take chicken or lamb vindaloo, when we go out to diner to an Indian restaurant. Pretty hot stuff and sometimes they prepare the dish that hot, my nose starts running, my eyes start to tear, and I can’t speak for a while. Talking about hot and spicy food here: can somebody please call a fire brigade or something???!???
KJ: “Vindaloo is a beautiful thing!!!! I think, it actually makes my eyeballs sweat, if that is possible! If you like sushi, Wasabi is probably hotter than Vindaloo. I think steam comes out of your ears if you use too much, but I think that is great, too.”

In almost every photo I see of you, you mention the people, who did your hair and your make-up. How important are your good looks? After all, you are a very good looking lady, if I may say so?
KJ: “First, thanks for the compliment! I like to give credit to whoever does my hair and makeup. Anyone, who works hard deserves some recognition! I do think there is too much focus on women's looks in the music world, definitely a double standard. Just read some forums. You never hear anyone insulting a male guitarist over his looks. The focus is on his music.”

Please take a look in your crystal ball for us, and tell us a bit more about your future plans?
KJ: “In my crystal ball I see a band and a new CD. Also, I hope to write more music, that my fans enjoy!”

Do you have any personal messages for our readers?
KJ: “As far as a personal message: Special thanks to your readers for supporting female rockers!!”

Thank you ever so much for this interview Katrina, and for answering all our questions. The famous last words in this interview are for you....
KJ: “My last words for the interview: practice, practice, practice!!”

- metalmaidens.com

"Review at Shredaholic"

Katrina Johannson – “Guitarsongs Volume 1? – Album Review
Posted by Niczy on 3/29/05 • Categorized as Reviews


1. Driven
2. K9 Lullaby
3. Intuition
4. Daredevil

This is a review of Katrina Johansson’s new EP, released under Michael Angel Batio’s record label. She wrote and produced the songs and played all lead/rhythm guitars. Brad Rohrssen, former Atlantic Recording Artist played drums on the first 3 tracks, Michael Angelo Batio played bass guitar. The EP was recorded and engineered by Michael Angelo Batio at Monster Mix Studio and Chris Djuricic at Studio One. The EP was mixed by Chris Djuricic and assisted by Michael Angelo Batio at Studio One. The fourth song was recorded and mixed by Jim Harvey and Ron Reid from Breakthrough Audio.

This is an outstanding debut EP, and this review will show you why.


Starts of with a slow melodic melody, and breaks into a different backing riff with nice phrasing of pinch harmonics, then plenty of alternate shred followed by an amazing melody. In fact the ”chorus” melody as it sounds that follows the shred is such a great melody. Technique is spot on as well, and the melodies/riffs are matched perfectly. Plenty of other great melodies in there too, and then….double time fast sweep arpeggios!!! This part just gives you a sudden adrenaline rush and comes in timed perfect followed by plenty of alternate shred, very well constructed. Fantastic.

K9 Lullaby

This song starts off with a great Satch-esque pull of section intro. Then goes into a really melodic medley!! The sense of melody is great, with each little section matching the previous perfect, and the shredding is well placed, with plenty of that Satch vibe in there. The phrasing is also excellent, particularly in the pinch harmonics executed. The alternate picking section is a joy to listen to and fits with the backing perfectly, followed by a slow melodic solo and more Satch esque style playing, but with an original touch. A joy to listen to.


Starts off with a nice little slow solo, and picks up speed up a bit with a great moderately fast melody. Then a very uplifting riff kicks in with great shredding on top of it, great I tell you! Great slow and fast melodies throughout with a really great backing riff. Some great tapping sounding licks also used in this, great sounding.


WOW!!! I am a massive fan of 80’s rock/metal/shred and if you are, check this track out!!! This really does have that feel to it. Starts of with a classic 80’s drum roll into a great pull of section, then falls into an amazing sounding dramatic riff, its great!!! Very emotional playing here, with great shredding inserted in the right places, bang on. The phrasing also on this song as well as the whole EP is really awesome. Great tapping used here too. This song is practically perfect, with flawless melodies and shred and a dramatic climax which fades out, its just amazing, true guitar playing at its finest, Phenomenal.

© Richard Niczyperowicz 2005
- shredaholic.com


Guitarsongs Volume I (2005)
Love Surrender Forgiveness (2007)



Katrina picked up her first guitar at age 9 at her parents’ urging, and hasn't looked back. She has recorded two independent albums, the first, entitled Guitarsongs Volume I with help from guitar legend and Guitar World Magazine columnist Michael Angelo Batio. Her second album, released late last year, is called Love, Surrender, Forgiveness. Johansson - whose influences include Eddie Van Halen and Richie Blackmore - has earned three product endorsements, including nods from Luna Guitars and Dean Guitars.