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I'm Coming Home

Written By: Katrina Mae

Does it ever feel you’re the only one alone tonight
And you know there’s something wrong
Drinking too much wine to kill the time and emptiness
But I know it won’t be long

I can feel my heart breaking
Wasted days in a place of loneliness
I’m coming home it wont be long
I’m coming home

They say nothing lasts forever it’s just a game we play
So settle down and hold on tight
Just think about tomorrow and you’ll find you way
Close your eyes don’t let go

I spend all my time aching
Now it seems there’s a reason for the lonely nights
I’m coming home it won’t be long
I’m coming home

Why am I chasing something
Now it seems that all the dreaming is about to end
I want you to know I won’t be long

Can you tell my mama please don’t feel alone tonight
It’ll all work out
It’ll be alright
I’m coming home.