Katrina Stone

Katrina Stone

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Feel good music for the summer haze or the rainy days. From the Warped Tour to the local coffee shop, Katrina Stone has a wide appeal that has captured the hearts of young and old alike.

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Katrina Stone's powerhouse pipes and lyrical vulnerability have made her one of the most unique and inventive acts of tomorrow. Aside from her diverse musical elements of seasoning, Stone’s been a veteran in the industry, from singing on the Warped Tour to performing on TV and radio. Her latest effort, Only For The Brave, raises the tunesmith up to an even more elite dimension, from the ability to express herself with remarkable personal abandon to a cutting edge approach on the project’s sonic landscape.


Perfectly Accidentally

Written By: Katrina Stone

Friend, oh friend, how did we end up
Falling in love so perfectly accidentally?
And plans, my plans were out of my hands
In the California sand and I do not mind actually

Is there something in the air
That makes me feel like I am falling
Oh gravity beware
Cause here I come when he starts calling

Me, oh my, oh why have I not seen your eyes
just sparkle like they do tonight and
when we kiss how it is bliss and
I forget how to finish all my sentences and

Me, oh my, I cannot lie, I love this high
And how you make me feel inside so
Let them see and let it be just
you and me so perfectly accidentally
so let them see


Written By: Katrina Stone

Your melodies, they used to ring
through every windowsill
when you would sing
you came and went as you pleased
delivering your masterpiece
but, where has your song gone, my sweet?

You've fallen far but you must know
every broken branch can help you grow
What's life without gravity?
Showing you how it can be
when you finally leave the tree and fly

You can find your song again
my broken friend
Don't be afraid, just sing
You know the words
My little songbrid

You've lost your way
but have no fear
The sun will come again
this time next year
What's life without a little rain
showing you what you have to gain
by seizing each moment without fear

Somebody's Somebody

Written By: Katrina Stone

Oh, I don't want to be alone
I just want someone to hold me
and tell me I'm the only
the only one, oh no

Where can I find a love like that?
Something that I know will last?
Like an old Hollywood romance
I want to have some fun

I'm going to say the words, "I want to fall in love"
Life's been good, but it has not been good enough
I've got to find the one, I've got to find him fast
Then I'll be somebody's somebody at last

I want to feel the gravity of falling out of sync
with my normal routine of simply getting by,
oh my, I finally realized that I am a hopeless sappy fool
It's ok, I'm just not that cool, I hope he doesn't mind

Sweet Remedy

Written By: Katrina Stone

It's getting late I know
And I should try to sleep but
Keeping my eyes closed
Is harder than it seems
You saved me from the illness
of heartache and loneliness
All my wants and worries gone
Vanishing into the night

You are my sweet, sweet remedy
Your love has cured me, cured me
Now I am singing, singing la la

I'm seeing signs of life
Hidden within my bones
With your prescription for love
I no longer have to sing alone

You've got the medicine
that makes me feel alive again
that makes me feel revived within, yeah

Love's Not In The Way

Written By: Katrina Stone

After all we've been through
And all we've seen
With every battle won and lost
You look back and count the cost
And decide that you are better without me
In every trial and fighting chance
With every argument I try
You stare blankly in my eyes
And decide the grass is greener on the other side of the fence

I can see so much clearer
And I won't, I won't get you to stay
I can see so much clearer
Now that love's not in the way

With every triumph we've ever made
You'd rather push it all aside
And just leave and run and hide
Than to stick it out and love me like you
said you would that day

Someday I'll find it, a brand new start
And I won't be torn like I am now
I will move along somehow
And I'll love and cry and smile just like
you never hurt my heart

Chorus 2:
I can see so much clearer
And I don't, I don't want you to stay
I can see so much clearer
Now that love's not in the way

Little Light Of Mine

Written By: Katrina Stone, Benj Heard, Paul Anderson

Mornin' creepin' in through the window and onto your skin
Slowly as if to say, "let's take our time today"
Ooooo, take a breath
Hopeful and full of life in every scar and tear that you cry
Even when you're scared at night, I know you are brave
Ooooo, take a step

Oh my child, close your eyes and imagine all the stars
Even the ones that you cannot see shine so bright
So Shine, shine, shine so bright
So shine, shine, shine so bright
And fly so free, just shine
Little light of mine

Shooting from left to right, a brilliant beam through the sky
You were made for this very day to be a light in the dark
Ooooo, turn it on

Castles in the air, you can't imagine them there
Let your sweet soul dream for hours, don't stop searching for their towers
Ooooo, just believe

What Makes The World Go 'Round

Written By: Katrina Stone & Benj Heard

It ain't money, honey, that puts a smile on my face
A little bit of a lot of things could never really replace
The feeling of someone you're lovin' and their
compassionate embrace
Put up a fight, try as you might
Oh, you just can't deny that

What makes the world go 'round is love, love, love
The gravity of humanity ain't always enough
Spinnin' faster, life and laughter give it a little nudge
What makes the world go 'round is love

I could write a song that makes you cry and breaks your heart
Sing aloud all about how this life is so hard
But if misery loves company then happiness does too
So let's get together, make it all better
and smile up at the moon


"Confidence and Lies" Feb 2006
"The EP" September 2006
"Just to Feel Again" Summer 2007
"The World Will See" -The Unlikelies (Side Project)-2009
"Reverberate"- December 2010
"Spellbound" November 2011
"Only For The Brave" March 2013

Set List

Perfectly Accidentally
Little Light Of Mine
Somebody's Somebody
Here For You
Choose Happy
In The Midst
Finest Hour
What Makes The World Go 'Round

Black Water
Fix You
Dream A Little Dream
You Are My Sunshine
To Make You Feel My Love