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KatSpeel @ Casablanca

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Love this performance
Great groove. Mood is set right from the first note. Smooth vocals. Eveything blends together perfectly.
- iconspire from Pompano Beach, Florida on 11Jan2008
singer makes the track
no use of spacein this track. sparse prosuction, but lots of panning going on and sounds jump out from hard right to hard left and all points inbetween. nicely recorded acoustic guitars and percussion. the singer has a really great, sultry voice with lots of emotion. reminds me of melissa etheridge and a little janis joplin... nice track.
- elevatortunes from Hemet, California on 10Jan2008
good song
The vocals are very smoothe. the lyrics were gripping to a point, but i think it needs some diversity, or a bit of excitement put into it. it sounds like it would be better appreciated live.
- stilwelangel from Elizabeth, Colorado on 10Jan2008
heartful vocals
Very nice smooth soundscpe created by the guitar, bass and especially by the soft percussions suite well to the background of the strong vocals performance. This piece stands and falls with vocalist. Maybe you could have given more space to the intruments?

Good performance still.
- inalbant from Rovaniemi, Finland on 10Jan2008

im satisfied
A voice made for singing the blues! I was really really taken. The comparison to Janis Joplin is natural. The vocal here is less a screamer, but has rawness in voice a one of the characteristics of her voice. To me she sounds total in control and can seemingly effortlessly vary the intensity of emotion put into her voice, this little 50s rocking hulk or break-up she is uses is one of her repertoire which sounds natural and cool when she does it. The accompaniment bass, guitar and congas works very well and is well recorded without doing anything extraordinary here.
- tordenspyd from Unspecified on 20Feb2008

lime in the coco nut....
bonnie raitt called.... said "hey this is pretty cool!"

sparse arrangement demands alot from the vocals and she delivers...

sounds like toni price outta austin.

good stuff,

- ChuckSavage from Houston, Texas on 16Mar2008

Exceptional !
A great tune !...Fabulous vocals, with good phrasing and melody, singing "meaningful" lyrics !
Hot rhythm section and scorching guitar work made this tune a joy to review !..Top Marks all round for the entire band !..well done !
Reviewed by: Bassist55 from Wollongong, Nsw, Australia

alive groove
war tune maybe!!if you are writing about our brave soldiers then you get high marks from me..i pray for your soldier or anyone's soldier to return home soon to you!!i was in first gulf war and i know the importance of support from home!!!with that said,the female vocals are fantastic and soulful..very powerful with true emotion!!guitar is very well played and suited for mainstream radio..i love the doubling of vocals as well..double the pleasure for sure...the arrangement is perfect and so is the whole song!!regardless of ones political beliefs we must support our troops and believe in their mission..the most baffling war we are fighting is within our own culture!!!! ..anyways,its hard not to cross the political line.!! with that said, i want you to know this tune is great!!!i commend you for for not making this tune political!!did'nt hear any bush bashing anyways!!
Reviewed by: NadeauMusic from East Syracuse, New York - GarageBand


Let It Begin



Blues/Rock/Soul Singer-Songwriter Kat is a singer/songwriter from Qld Australia. Her songs are passionate and perceptive. Currently working with Producer/Instrumentalist Michael Fix, (Winner 2003, 2000 & 1999 CMAA Golden Guitar award-Best Instrumental), spending time and regard developing songs and ideas. Kat songs relate and reflect soul. Hoping for release of Single or EP early 08 Some of these are only rough Demo's .... Special Thanks to Michael Fix for his Brilliant instrumentals!!![