With charm, attitude, and swagger, the boys of KATSU have torn up the east coast scene with their 'musical car wreck'--equal parts award winning lyrics, genre-bending live show, and catchy choruses galore.


“Driven by the brilliance of Dennis Magee Fallon’s lyrical skill, Gorgeous Mess is a wonderful, well rounded album…variety, aggressive and skilled musicianship, intelligence, freshness, and soul.”
-- (#1 of TOP TEN PA Albums of 2003)

In their home state of Pennsylvania, KATSU have torn the lid off of a musical can of worms, creating an original music surge in every college and city they stop in. Combining superb lyrics and the catchiest hooks with a stripped-down, sweat dripping, jaw-on-the-floor live show, this four piece has attacked the corners and edges of a music scene, exposing the an inside that has become complacent with cover bands and flavor of the month acts.
Combining elements of hip-hop and punk filtered through the eyes and heart of a singer-songwriter, front man Dennis Magee Fallon has led his band of razor sharp musicians on an epic musical adventure. Lauded for their songwriting, KATSU has continued the climb in the Northeastern United States, playing sold out shows in their native PA and consistently opening for the biggest acts that play Penn State University (their alma mater and hometown): Jason Mraz, The Presidents of the USA, The Smithereens, Apollo Sunshine, Dexter Freebish, and The Washington Social Club to name a few.
KATSU’s first album, GORGEOUS MESS, won the band critical acclaim (several regional lists placed it as a Pennsylvania’s top indie album for 2003) College radio airplay, and secured them a record deal with independent label SAM RECORDS. Their sophomore release, DISASTER, was a tribute to all things rock, an explosive record sampling the history of popular music. The record took genres like punk, pop, 70’s hard rock and country and filtered them through KATSU-colored lenses.
With National Sponsors Coors Light and Captain Morgan’s Rum backing them, the outlook for KASTU continues to be bright as 2005 brings the release of their nationally sponsored free album “The Basement Chronicles” in February. The band has recorded a cover of the classic Grandmaster Flash song “The Message” for the MTV books project “Lit Riffs,” a collection of short stories inspired by classic songs. In addition, “Brave New World,” a track from the “Gorgeous Mess” LP, will be featured in the feature film “Everything’s Jake,” starring Ernie Hudson and Debbie Allen to be released in the fall of 2005. As the buzz grows and momentum builds, KATSU will be expanding their internet-savvy fan base with a widening tour schedule of festivals, mini-tours, and showcases throughout the east coast.


The Stalkin Song

Written By: Dennis Fallon

Stalkin you aint easy, it takes a lot of preparation baby
Stalkin you aint easy, it takes a lot of preparation baby

I been tryin so hard, to get you lovin me right,
but my heart keeps me creepin
And I been tryin to meet, and say “how do you do?”
but I cant stop watchin I love watchin you

You can have that pillow fight
Every single Friday night
The radio’s on
And I’m still dreamin
Maybe I should let you go
You could love me don’t you know
We’re together
I love watchin you dance

I can watch you dance

Well, stalkin you aint easy, it takes a while to set the camera up just right
Well, stalkin you aint easy, it takes a while to set the camera right

You go out on a date, with that camaro boy
And I wait for you to come home
And I cry out at night
I cry, I cry in the night
Baby you don’t know me

Watch you sleep you look so right,
baby keep me up night
The radio’s on and I keep dreaming
Maybe I should let you go
You could love me don’t you know
We’re together
I love watchin you dance

I can watch you dance
Let’s whistle, while I walk by baby’s place

Read My Mind(hersong)

Written By: Dennis Fallon

Read My Mind (her song)
By Dennis Fallon

Ginger peach baby, and saffron delight
Rosemary kisses on the cinnamon night

Buttercup lips, like an angel who fell
Keeps her wings in the closet, and she aint gonna tell

Yellow butterfly in a blue, blue world
Green envy apple for a passion red girl

Fruit in a basket, note on the tree
Carved years ago, ended up you and me

You’re my twisted reason girl
You my bittersweet surprise
You my candy coated gun
Midnight sunrise

You my sheakespeare in the park
I’m you castle by the sea
On this island I’d pick you
And you’d pick me

she’s never seeing, never knowing, that all her words are overflowing into me, once again
god I’m reeling, all I’m feelings, got me falling so hard for you baby, when you walk in

All the world around me, it is spinning right in time
Always loved your company, how you could read my mind

Let us be the gossip, let them talk it’s fine
You always know just what to say, you can waste my

My sugar moon baby took me out on the town
Drank sweet sweet things till the sun came around

Waves roll in to the guitar song
Fire burns bright, we sing along

You a purring kitten babe
You a wicked woman, girl
You play games but just to win
Your piece of the world

I got a thousand lines to sing
That I cant make rhyme
You Got a book for broken hearts
And quote it everytime

You looks have made me,
Toast this lady
She knows what I want
And how to hold me
When I fall

Twisted fingers
Kisses linger
Long since you departed
Then in call


Prison Break

Written By: Dennis Fallon

You say, I’m no good dear
You know, I don’t belong here
When people talk of Clayton Brown and his days in Rockview Penn
Head to toe he’d been tattooed with the places he had been
He had three wives in Utah stole lobster traps in Maine
Smoked cigarettes and fenced corvettes once even robbed a train
The warden’s wife loved Clayton brown she tried to keep it all inside
Warden had one of them genuine Russian mail order brides
The warden burned with jealousy told the convicts all around
“A pardon for the son of a bitch that brings me Clayton Brown!”

Clayton brown had to escape he was as good as dead for sure
Said “I enjoyed the food, but the staff was rude, don’t wanna come back no more”
With a little help from the Russian girl he busted out one night
He stole the clothes off of a priest who was givin out last rights
Then the warden went insane they say, that rainy night years ago
Opened up the prison gates and let all the convicts go
Warden stood up in the tower with a bullhorn shouted down,
”I set you loose you filthy dogs now find me Clayton Brown!”
You say, I’m no good dear
You know, I don’t belong here

and you know, I gotta get out
I can’t stay here for 25 years
I can’t be your man, while doin time
So I’m gone--Think it’s time for a prison break

Clayton and the Russian ran from that iron hell
All night the convicts chased them and all night the rain fell
At a circus passing through the town the Russian girl had kin
They hid inside the circus tent, but the convicts chased them in
Now the inmates with their homemade knives fought clowns of every shape and size
Battle ragin in there and Clayton was the prize
You may think you’ve seen a lot of fights you may have been around
But boy you never seen a fight like the one for Clayton brown

P.t. Barnum would have sure been proud as every man, woman and child
watched the fight in the big top rage and man the crowd went wild
Lions roaring men a yelling, such sight you never saw
What they had was a one of a kind three ringed brouhaha
Blood did flow was quite a show for everyone to see
The strongman he took on death row and the midgets cell block c
He put the Russian girl on his shoulder and rode an elephant out of town
To this very day or so folks say they’re chasin Clayton Brown
You say, I’m no good dear
You know, I don’t belong here/ CHORUS


Gorgeous Mess (independent, 2002)
Supersweet Poison-acoustic (ind.2003)
Disaster (SAM RECORD, 2004)
Lit Riffs (MTV BOOKS, 2004)
Basement Album Vol. III (independent, 2005)

WKPS 90.7 (State College, PA)
WQWK 97.1 (Western PA)
WUBZ 105.9 (Central PA)
WKAB (Northeastern PA)

Set List

Enough Original material for a 90 minute set
Enough Cover/original material for 3 hours

Covers vary...all with a KATSU twist/ Examples:
Peaches--Presidents of the USA
Leaving on A Jet Plane--John Denver
Rappers Delight--Sugarhill Gang