Cagliari, Sardinia, ITA

katsudoji is an electronic music duo, influenced from pop-rock as well from modern dance. They have an original fluorescent outfit and TVs in place of their heads. They offer a complete live show with electronics, live played music, in-sync video projection and light effects. Must see to understand.


katsudoji project is born in 2010 by the will of Jaz (guitar, bass, programmation) and Golia (vocals, keys, programmation).
They first tried to apply digital beats and electronics to pop/rock songs they wrote, and singing with both human voice and vocoder. They started live shows in Berlin and then they played all around Italy and in London. In 2011 they released "Message in a cathode". The new production of the two is more electro-oriented, less guitars and more synths, more dance style beats.
While their live activity, they always work to improve their live shows, studying new light effects and producing videos.


2011 - "Message in a cathode" (Album)
self produced and recorded at "Il Golia" studio (Assemini CA)
mastered at "Vintage Studio" (Sant'Antioco CA)

Published by: Tronos srl (Sassari)
Digital distribution: Believe Digital (France)