Katt Rockell

Katt Rockell

 10001, New York, USA

Katt Rockell effortlessly fuses soul, R&B & hip hop with a mesmerizing vocal timbre and energetic stage performance that linger long after the show is over. Booking summer tour dates.


Katt Rockell signed with BMG Music Publishing and began to focus her attention on writing for other artists.  While doing so, she’s had the opportunity to collaborate with several top producers in the music industry including Kwame (Mary J Blige, Fantasia),  AlexDaKid (Eminem, P Diddy) and Richard “Younglord” (Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Jay-z)

Katt landed the #1 song on China’s Top 100 with “May Fly” performed by Joey Young and recently penned two records for a new wave/dance project produced by German DJ Westbam.  As a featured artist, she appeared alongside the likes of Kanye West and Iggy Pop and among others.  

The words “soul-stirring” have been used to describe the alluring vocal style of singer-songwriter Katt Rockell.  With a voice that cuts through the fluff and strikes a nerve, Katt often touches upon the truth about life in such a way that makes it hard not to stop and listen.  Her message is clear.  We Love, We Lose, We Win and We Fall…and when we get up, hopefully we are better for having gone through it all.

Katt brings her songs to life with riveting performances filled with energetic highs and vulnerable lows that take the audience on a journey all her own.  The experience is one that should not be missed and will be remembered long after the show is over.

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