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"Better than red-stripe!" - N16 Fringe, London

"Sweet Sounds"

Serendipidous meetings with good folk have marked the musical journey of Katus Young and John Burns.
The pair will play at Picton's Le Cafe on Valentine's Day and this week passed through Marlborough as they started the South Island leg of their New zealand tour.
The pair perform what can only accurately described as Katus music.
The duo take the name of katus who grew up in Wales, the daughter of an English father and a Czech mother. She holidayed at her grandmother's house in France and has lived and travelled in many countries.
As a result KAtus sings in English, French, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian,Gaellic and other languages including Elvish, which is an innate language understood by some.
" It's more about emotions," she says.

She has sung for "as long as i can remember", but it was through art that Katus first expressed her creative side professionally.
She says it was a period living in America that seems to have moved her to music. " I didn't perform while i was there, but when i got back i picked up the guitar."
She later picked up the flute.
Katus' music is lively, a jolt from everyday mundaness to a happy space.
Her philosophy? " Follow your heart," she says in a beat.
JB adds: "To travel and play. We are a pair of gypsies really."
The couple met at Glastonbury Festival. Katus played a quick, cheerful number to a group of people who were helping a friend, violinist Nigel Kennedy, and invited them along to her gig.
JB was the only one to take her up on her offer. For a while JB was the all round helping hand on Katus' tours. He had a habit of tapping his hand on his leg, so Katus took it as a hint and bought him a drum..
Since then he's been the percussionist. - Saturday Express


"Smile" 2006
"Katus Live at Solfest 2007" DVD and CD



Website: WWW.KATUS.CZ - DVDs,tours,Mp3s,info.

"This is one of the most original and captivating recordings i've heard in a long time. Katus should be nurtured and encouraged to grow! She is an
important and necessary compound for a genre so often overlooked & dismissed by today's predominantly rock &roll environment! This is folk music with its creative spirit intact!" Music News Scotland

"Its world folk music that dances at you! her debut album "Smile is one of the most refreshing pieces of originality & substance that you're ever likely to hear It loses none of its qualities when she's singing it live. Her voice has verve, charm & is undeniably sexy sometimes." Music News Scotland

“The whistling wind of diversity and change. This record will one day be regarded as the most important folk release to caress the mainstream.” Allan Baille, favorite albums of 2007.

"I can't belive she sings through her flute - truly amazing- She can sing. She can play. She's gorgeous. She'll make it" - Nigel kennedy

This year playing at The Cambridge Folk Festival, touring Holland, Scotland & New Zealand.
2006-2007 She toured in Croatia, Bosnia, The Czech Republic, Ireland, France, New Zealand, China and the USA. She was the subject of a French TV documentary. She played Glastonbury and headlined at Solfest. She has entertained- playing her guitar and flute,singing her songs, woo-ing audiences and leaving them hankering for more.

" I think we will see a lot more of her at the festivals. She is a dynamic, international folk-based songstress" Big Green Gathering

"I have never seen a better female guitarist and that includes Bonnie Rait, Chrissie Hynds and Joni M." Silverwood Studios