Kat Wahamaa & Tony Rees

Kat Wahamaa & Tony Rees

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Wahamaa & Rees serve up original and old time country, swing, jazz and blues bringing to mind the harmony of Gram & Emmylou, Johnny & June and Ian & Sylvia.


Kat Wahamaa's (pr.Va-Ha-Mah) is a Vancouver based performing songwriter who has been compared to kd lang, Emmylou Harris and Lucinda Williams among others. Kat has shared the stage with the likes of Colin Lynden, Connie Caldor and Harry Manx to name a few and toured throughout Western Canada, Japan and in the United States at everything from concert halls, festivals and house concerts to rave responses. In addition to the colourful vocals she plays guitar, mandolin, bass and washboard.

Tony Rees was born in Bristol, England and was drawn to the folk music scene flourishing in the UK during his teens. Some years after coming to Canada he became interested in North American roots music. Tony is a proponent of the Bob Wills school of Western Swing, loves anything by Memphis Minnie and is a great fan of Dave Alvin. Tony plays swing, and blues guitar, harmonica and has a decidedly unique vocal sound. He also fronts the Western Swing ensemble Shiny Buckle Band .

Their taste in eclectic roots music and harmonic sensibilities bring to mind the partnership of Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons.

They are also the producers of the Vancouver Steel Guitar Festival, celebrating the steel guitar and its players which brings together a diverse group covering Hawaiian, Western Swing, Rockabilly, Country, Rock and Roots.

their music is receiving airplay in Canada, USA, Australia, Europe and Japan.


Blues In My Swing

Written By: (c) Tony Rees

I'm at your door, I ring the bell
You're inside as best as I can tell
What we've got I guess ain't goin' so well
When first we met, there was candlelight
Steppin' out carousin' every night
Now it seems we just can't get it right
I don't want to be no burden or no fool
Phone me, write me, email, tell me if we're through

I ain't one to wait , I ain't one to cling
And I don't hold no grudge 'bout anything
But you sure put the blues in my swing

If I guessed it right, there's another man
I can't figure out when it began
You keep me on hold because you can
What's up with me, what's up with him
What's on my mind, what's on his mind
Am I so tangled up I can't unwind
I've got to leave my love for you behind
I can't deny we had a real fine time
You was lookin' for the kind of guy I'm not
I'll be who I am and leave you with this thought


As I walk away, from your front door
Stagger 'cross the bridge then along the shore
Guess I ain't the one that you love no more
Keeps runnin' round, all in my head
The smarter moves I might have made instead
All the sweeter words I might have said
I can't deny we had a real fine time
Now all that's left is to worry you off my mine


Horse Tale

Written By: Kat Wahamaa

High on a plateau
On the wide ochre plain
Live the wild horses
Though so few remain
But an old mare remembers
When their numbers were strong
And the thunder of their hoofbeats
Was her song, her song

There's an old grandmothers story
Two lovers hearts as one
But the woman was abandoned
And when her man had gone
Off into the desert
She went running in her pain
And soon the wind was flying
Through her mane, her long golden mane


Those wild painted horses
Siennna, amber , cream
Fragile strength and beauty
I run with them in my dreams
And I know he is waiting
On that high lonesome plain
Down through the ages
Calling her name, calling her name


Back Door Slam - I'll Get Mine 2008

Kat & Tony - A Little Jewel to Keep 2008

There's No Place LIke Home compilation 2002

Kat Wahamaa - CASCADIA - 2001 - nominated in 2001 & 2002 for a West Coast Music Award;
Grrrls With Guitars Vol. 2 - 2002;
WISE WOMAN - 1997 used in two documentary films;
Off The Hoof 2001 - with the Mad Cowgirls

Tony Rees - Blue Trees-1997 with Shirley U Jest

Set List

Kat & Tony - Song List

1. All My Tears (Julie Miller)
2. Ashes To Ashes (Kat Wahamaa)
3. Baby What You Want Me To Do (cover)
4. Blood In The Snow (Kat Wahamaa)
5. Blue (Lucinda Williams)
6. Blues In My Swing (Tony Rees)
7. Can’t Get That Stuff No More (cover)
8. Can’t Let Go (Lucinda Williams)
9. Concrete and Barbed Wire (Lucinda Williams)
10. Cornflowers (Kat Wahamaa)
11. East Virginia Blues (trad)
12. Everything and Nothing (Kat Wahamaa)
13. Folsom Prison (Johnny Cash)
14. God Lives Up On a Mountain (Cactus Pickers)
15. He’s Treating You Wrong Child (Tony Rees)
16. Horse Tale (Kat Wahamaa)
17. I Am a Man Of Constant Sorrow (trad)
18. I Still Miss Someone (Johnny Cash)
19. I’ll Get Mine Bye & Bye (B. Wills)
20. It’s Your Red Wagon (B. Wills & T. Duncan)
21. Jump, Jive and Wail (cover)
22. Last Kiss (cover)
23. Leave It Alone (Kat Wahamaa)
24. Lost Highway (cover)
25. Love Me Like A Man (Chris Smither)
26. Marie Marie (Dave Alvin)
27. Mercury Blues (cover)