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"Amerricana Highway & Katy"

Looking for music that cuts through the clutter of all that over-produced pop that seems to be coming out of Nashville these days? Take a listen to Katy Bowser. I'm not sure but I think she's channeling the legendary Carter Family both with the sweet traditional melodies and her unique (though familiar and very comforting at the same time) voice. There's only one downside to her new cd...it's too short!! But I guess the old showbiz saying holds true: "Always leave them wanting more." After listening to Katy Bowser, you will.

- Eric Bohlen, producer, Americana Highway on WIVK

"Sarah Siskind on Katy"

The first time I heard "All of My Friends" I asked the person next to me "What classic standard is this?" And they said "Katy wrote it." Katy's singing and songs are a breath of fresh air not only in Americana, but in all of music going on right now. - Sarah Siskind- Big Yellow Dog songwriter, writer of single “Lonely Runs Both Ways” on Alison Krauss’

"Dave Perkins"

Along with extra-fine singing, playing, and songwriting, Katy offers up a fresh take on old wisdom, which, to my ear, sounds of the moment.
-Dave Perkins, recording artist/musician with Ray Charles, Carole King, Willie Nelson, Vassar Clements, Waylon Jennings and hundreds of others.
- Dave Perkins

"Lemonade & martinis"

“This record is equal parts front porch, creaky swing, and homemade lemonade, served up in a martini glass...the perfect blend of roots music and dancehall swing.”
Dara Carson
Producer, founder of Americana Folk Festival
- Dara Carson

"American Songwriter"

On All Of My Friends, Bowser takes her listeners on a trip down memory lane, meanwhile evoking the ghosts of William Faulkner and F. Scott Fitzgerald as she croons her early 20th century style of gospel/jazz. This caliber of nostalgia act simply fails to grow old.

Evan James, American Songriter Magazine

- Evan James

"The Hemi Awards"

Congratulations to Katy- placing in the top three for the Favorite Future Female Vocalist at WIVK's Hemi Awards! - Americana Highway

"Katy Bowser will win friends with All Of My Friends"

There is something to be said for grabbing the bull by the horns and self-producing your own project. Recorded in her home studio, “All Of My Friends” is delightfully and intentionally low-fi, but don’t get the idea this is anywhere close to a garage-band production. Katy’s vocals spark a wistful reminiscence to 1930’s radio without the crackle and pop while guitarist/mandolinist/pedal steelist/everything-else-with-stringsist Kenny Hutson, creates a whimsical bed of casually precise country-bluegrass rhythms for Katy to play in.

Katy gives a nuanced, understated performance on the opening Gospel-inflected track, “Turn The Other Cheek.” The title track, with its sparse guitar accompaniment, is a delightful ode to a woman in love, and “The Weight of the World,” is a mellow, traditional Gospel tune. “Rosewood Casket,” the only song on the project Katy and Kenny did not write, harks back unapologetically to Appalachian mountain music.
-Mike Parker

- Buddy Hollywood


All Of My Friends, 2006
Longing, 2001
Laryngitis. 1999

All Of My Friends is being played on KVNF, WDVX, HPPR, WIVK, WPVM, KLCC, KRFC, KGNU and other public and americana stations nationwide.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Katy Bowser

Four score and seven years ago or so, bluegrass, jazz and folk were all gestating in the womb of the southeast US, joining and splitting, creating original American music. Katy Bowser’s music is a small reenactment this phenomenon: But they feel obliged to point out that they didn’t do any premarital songwriting.

All Of My Friends is indeed a Katy Bowser album, but we would be remiss if we didn’t discuss the “Kenny factor”. Katy and Kenny each had strong musical histories of their own before finding one another. Katy had traveled and performed nationally as an independent artist for seven years, playing her folk/jazz/celtic blend in clubs, coffeehouses, theatres and anything else, including NPR’s Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and Nashville’s famed Ryman auditorium. Kenny grew up with a mandolin on his knee in a bluegrass loving family, and toured internationally with grassroots phenomenon Vigilantes of Love during the 90s, a time which included the Buddy Miller produced Audible Sigh album.

Since the two crossed paths, it’s no surprise that the songs Katy sings began to turn a new set of heads in Nashville. Their high energy, playful performance is one obvious reason- no two shows are alike, and oftentimes a Katy show will suddenly take a turn down memory lane toward one of the many old jazz or country tunes they love, for kicks. But in a town that reveres its history and respects innovation, Katy’s singing and Kenny’s virtuosity on guitar, mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel and most other things with strings have garnered respect and high praise from their peers . And their songs about the golden rule, traveling, overprotective girlfriends, gospel, and forward woman are delighting afficianados and everyday music lovers across the board.

After a near miss with a record deal, Katy and Kenny knew exactly what they wanted- right down to the homemade-feeling brown paper bag wrapper with sealing wax. They put their shoulder to the wheel and produced their EP at home- doing it exactly the way they wanted, and taking as long as necessary to do it. “Recording at our home studio meant that when it wasn’t quite right, we’d stop and have tea, and wait until it did. Or sleep on it and give it a go over our first cup of coffee”. The proof is in the listening: the result is a sonically sweet gem where every note counts, rife with Kenny’s mandolin, parlor guitar and pedal steel, Katy’s vocals and Jake Bradley’s upright bass, and little else.

On the side, they also comprise two-thirds of the band for rising Americana darling Julie Lee (we hear her adding a guest harmony vocal on EP title track All Of My Friends), who takes every occasion to show off her friends with opening slots and mid-set. This past year has included appearances with her on Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, Mountain Stage with Alison Krauss (at her request), a benefit for families of West Virginia miners, and a track on the Song of America project with Grammy winner Ed Peterson Additionally, Katy and Kenny participated in a Katrina benefit with Janis Ian, Tim O’Brien, Jim Lauderdale, among other Americana luminaries.
As they kick into high gear and change the oil, they are looking forward to the Americana Folk Festival, WDVX’s famous Camperfest with Julie Lee and Woodsong Festival in the San Juan islands. They love to play, and can’t wait to hit the road again.