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A Girl Like Me

Written By: Katy Wong

i didn't notice how blue your eyes were until I made you cry
and when I did, they became oceans and I was just and island
you never told me you loved me or anything, but I could feel it when they air became thick and heavy
if you're gonna love, then you gotta learn, don't love a girl like me

I've been known to tell a lie when I should've told the truth
maybe I wasn't lying, I just didn't notice what was there
well, maybe I noticed, but loe is such a dangerous and scary thing
if you're gonna love, then you gotta learn don't love a girl like me

the rain washing off the streets does its best to remind me that I've been alone for seven months
and though I like who I am when my heart's under command
it's something I, I think I've had enough of for now

I didn't notice how dirty my hands were until after you had left
but I guess that I'm the type of girl who'll break her own heart in the end
I will fall in love just to fall off my feet
if you're gonna love, then you gotta learn don't love a girl like me
no, don't love a girl like me


Written By: Katy Wong

when I sleep, my bed is like a window to the west
and as I fall asleep I can see you
right across from me in all of my dreams
but there is nothing I can do

so I wait a little while
'cause there's hope so there's no letting go of the way that i feel right now
I can't wait to see your smile
the minute that I knock on your door and you see what I've become

remembering the summer, as soon as I smell Coppertone on your skin and I close my eyes
it's only make believe but I believe you might be there for me
but for now you pass me by

and as you leave, the air, it smells bittersweet
a tear, a smile, anticipation
only in dreams, would we actually meet face to face without this hesitation

one time we came stumbling out a door heavy and drunk as we ever were
the idea of a kiss it snuck up on us
and alone and in the streets and it was perfect

so tell me do you believe in a girl who was made
that I could be the girl who was made
with a fate that matches your fate
and if you do then, that's all I need to make me happy

Once Boy, Only Boy

Written By: Katy Wong

oh boy, oh boy am I wrong to think that you'd never lie to me?
your arms mimic the threads that make up my dress, but i believe they are strong enough to hold me
your songs mimic the threads that pull at my skin
I do believe they are strong enough to hold me
and if you said, "come with me"
I'd follow you for what could be a lifetime

oh boy, oh boy is it wrong to wish that you didn't smoke so much?
a number of lights, they make up your night
and I become a shadow through the smoke
you do not feel and all I do is choke

oh boy, you boy whose laces pull my tongue
whose eyes collapse mine and face do I love
If you said, "come with me. I left her"
I'd follow you for what could be forever

oh boy, oh boy is it wrong to wish to see you right as the day does?
the way that you talk, you sort of whisper close and low
has got me thinking what you're like when you first wake up
wake up
and if you said, "come with me"
I'd follow you for miles


Written By: Katy Wong

daylight's coming soon and we jump to our feet
we did not know how late it had gotten to be
if it was summertime i wouldn't care so much about what was to come
walk me to my gate and kiss goodbye
i get weak in the knees whenever you smile
what you are to me water is to electricity

and this boat was built to sink
we have no chance of floating
and this boat was built to sink
and you're going down with me

i, i know and you know, and everybody else knows that we're only lonely
that we're only wondering and waiting to be just like the people in the movies


we are like fire and ice, initial appeal then its not so nice
and the world around us isnt stopping
it's the the drink beofre the sleep
when everything looks good to me
so tasty but, you don't care about the morning


Getting Used To You

Written By: Katy Wong

after it rains in the winter everything becomes clearer
everything washes away
the sun turns orange
i walked home, barefoot and tired
along the edge of out street
i saw past the gate, past the house where i stay
past the hill, the sky was green

remember the night the wind came later, laying our bodies across the stone
i saw a handful of dust
you threw across the sky
i saw the best break the gret pacific, its salty blue fingers in my hair
i turned left to see if you were with me
you were not there

chorus 1:
things take time to get used to them, i guess i'll get used to this
but i wonder about the girl from the pines
the only girl he left behind

after it rained in the winter, i heard your name never again
i wrapped the days in a cacoon
the blinds shut tight, a strange dark room
and at night,instead of climbing to cities made of trees and leaves
i built a brand new home for me
out of his clothes and soft plaid sheets

chorus 2:
everything takes getting used to, i guess i'll get used you
but i'm sleepless as the heat in mid-july
do you remember? summer used to be mine

i've always known dreaming is never the answer
but i cannot stop the impossible bloom
edges of petals pink with sun
in sinking motion, steady and laready done
they say in their books that im sure to get better
if only i didn't try so hard
if only i could wake up one day
and forget to remember that you've gone away


Coppertone EP-2008
Nessions EP-2009

Set List

typical set lists include recent songs as well as older, personal favorites. they primarily consist of original material, with a cover thrown in every once in a while. my favorite songs to cover are cat power's "sea of love," ingrid michaelson's "overboard," michael runion's "daylight," and kelly clarksons, "since you've been gone."