Katz Company

Katz Company

 Chicago, Illinois, USA


Alex Katz isn’t dead.

Three months after the Katz Company frontman underwent extensive surgery to remove a malformed artery in his brain, he is back with a brand new batch of songs and a more fully developed sound.

The new EP, “Katz Company Presents: The Surgery Sessions”, finds Katz and his respective company expanding upon their signature sound, which they’ve dubbed “Variety Pop”; a mix of Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, and R&B. Think Ben Folds meets Third Eye Blind with the best of OK GO and the swagger of The Rolling Stones. Add in electronic beats and the occasional hip-hop verse, wait 40 minutes while it bakes, and you have Katz Company!

Katz Company is a collaborative music group based out of Chicago by way of Virginia. With strong, distinctive vocals, courtesy of Katz, and a rotating cast of supporting musicians, it's safe to say that no other band on the scene sounds quite like Katz Company.

With this new EP and a new lease on life, things seem to be looking up for Alex Katz and the young men of Katz Company.


The Surgery Sessions
EP, 2011
1. Three Months, Seventeen Days
2. No Control
3. Permanent Vacation

Chomp, Too
Compilation, 2011

Hot Boy ft. Damo
Single, 2010

Katz Company Music
EP, 2009
1. Madeline
2. Don't Delay
3. One Night
4. Fire