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The best kept secret in music


"Kaura EP-Review"

"What came to mind after a few songs, is that there's something about "U2" going on in their sound. They have something really good coming up, you just can feel those things...the type of music you want to hear live, so, if they're running close your area, be sure to stop by and get a listen to these guys. Check these guys in the near future!" - Project Loud

"Artist Profile: KAURA"

"Fans of heavy-yet-intelligent rock should turn their ears toward Los Angeles -- in particular, a new group to emerge from L.A.'s fertile music scene, Kaura…Guess' vocal style is clean, melodic and passionate in a way that will remind some of Maynard James Keenan. Jones' keen drumming is technical and complex, textured with arabic and tribal rhythms that drive the music." - Media Jonez

"Kaura EP-Review"

"While I can't say Kaura is the best release of 2005 -- it's too early in the year for that -- I can say that of the releases I've heard so far, Kaura is one of the best. Kaura joins my list of personal favorites…I will remember Kaura in December when I write my "Best of 2005" article...Rating=A" - The Daily Vault

"Kaura EP-Review"

"There's a U2 feel to the band's songwriting and everything is beautifully produced and well-executed...I very much look forward to hearing more from Kaura because I like their bold exploration.” - Rough Edge

"Kaura EP-Review"

"The EP is but a brief musical ride into the world of Kaura. The listener will be left wanting more. So let’s look forward to a full length release hopefully in the near future." - Hard Rock Haven

"Kaure EP-Review"

"They do offer something refreshing and unlike anything else currently in existence. I hope this EP is a sign of things to come when their full length does come to fruition." - Live4Metal

"Kaura EP-Review"

"First class stuff, and very impressive for such a new band...certainly an EP that leaves you wanting to hear what the band have in store for their first full length release. In the meantime, fans of Tool, Dredg, A Perfect Circle and heavy, melodic rock in general should track down a copy of this CD and get tickets if the band plays near them...Live, the band should be spectacular." - Ninehertz UK

"Kaura EP-Review"

"In most instances on this five-song EP you wouldn¹t necessarily know exactly what instruments you are hearing because this duo clearly put great care into their arrangements so that the various sounds blend together. The result is rich tapestry woven from the likes of electric guitar and tabla - done so well you can¹t imagine this sounding any other way...Kaura¹s vision is intriguing for those tired of the same old formulaic rock...these guys are off to an interesting start and I¹ll be looking forward to a full-length release from them in the near future." - Adequacy

"Kaura EP-Review"

"What makes these guys stand out is that their travels to exotic places like Thailand and Bali convinced them to infuse hammered dulcimers, gamelan bells and tribal beats into their own melodic songs. Influenced by powerhouses like Tool and Queens of the Stone Age, Kaura already had a good foundation and is clearly a band to keep an eye on." - Bullz Eye

"Kaura EP-Review"

"There's a U2 feel to the band's songwriting and everything is beautifully produced and well-executed...I very much look forward to hearing more from Kaura because I like their bold exploration" - Rough Edge


Kaura Self-Titled EP-Tracks are streaming and have had radio airplay online, at college radio, and on Satellite Radio as well.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Kaura (pronounced ‘kay-aura’) was born from the vision of Malcolm Guess (vocals and instrumentation) and Benjamin Jones (Drums and instrumentation) to create a band that would subtly blend the aggressive power of hard, yet melodic rock with the haunting and ethereal sounds of ancient instruments. Coming from a rock background, the two had always sought to push the boundaries of the genre and create a sound that was dramatic and distinctive. The key elements to bring their vision into focus were discovered when their travels took them to such far away and exotic places as Thailand, Bali, and Java, and Appalachia. Benjamin explains, “We were enchanted by the sounds of various instruments that we had never heard before and the feelings they invoked. We both were especially captivated by the sound of the hammered dulcimer and it integrated into our sound very naturally.” To the band, having more sounds to pull from rather the standard guitar, bass, and drums was very liberating. “We wanted to infuse the hammered dulcimer or gamelan bells with distorted guitars or tabla with tribal drumming, to create this really expansive depth of sound…It was important to us that it wasn’t obvious as to what instruments you were listening to, but rather blend them in subliminally to create unique textures that enrich the music.” says Malcolm.
Following the lead of other successful bands helmed by two members such as A Perfect Circle and Queens of the Stone Age, Malcolm and Ben formed the band in late 2003. This was after many years of seeking out these exotic instruments and modifying existing ones to create the unique palette from which the sound of Kaura would be born. “We spent time altering some of our guitars to turn them into a hybrid of a six string, twelve string and a sitar. We also use wood-rimmed drums to give the drums more tone and warmth to the songs” says Benjamin.
The two sought to not only seek out a unique sound but a different lyrical voice as well. “The lyrical focus is more on themes of evolution, re-birth, and social and personal consciousness rather than the standard self-loathing, angry at-the-world fare of most hard rock bands” says Malcolm. Drawing from his experience as a sound engineer, Guess recorded and produced Kaura’s self-titled 5-song E.P.. While recording, the band received a helping hand from Paz Lenchantin (A Perfect Circle, Zwan) who played violin on the song ‘Dividing Lines.’
The band is rounded out live by Joe Hauler (bass) and Ben Rojas (guitars), who will also be participating in the bands future songwriting. “What we’ve captured on this recording is just the seed idea of where we’re headed; we’ve only hinted at our vision for this music. We intend to do more traveling and will always be looking for ways to incorporate what we find and learn into our sound.” Kaura is looking forward to sharing in this journey with their fans.