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Kauzafex, the like-minded musicians creating unique and energetic sounds through full live-band hip hop. Originating from San Luis Obispo, Ca, Kauzafex balances a heavy rock influence with an underground hip hop feel.


With Jacob Moore (Lemore) and Chad Futer (Hume) vocalizing abstract poetic lyrical flows. Backed by a classic creative guitarist and vocalist Mike Frick, smooth-fingered bassist Houston Hayes, and the intricate "human-metronome like" drummer Matt Brandon; this group creates a performance that will leave your brainwaves cycling and your heart beat pumping. Always in pursuit of pureness, Kauzafex will continue to blend grungy, yet often jazzy alternative rock with flows that will bring you back to your hip hop roots for years to come.

Has performed with: FLOBOTS, Blackalicious, CrazyTown, Katchafire, Astronautalis, LuckyIam of Living Legends, A PLUS & Opio of Hieroglyphics, The 2 Live Crew, Mystic Roots, My Peoples, Mod Sun, Equipto, Bicasso of Living Legends, BareFeet, Tropo, James Kaye, Kid Rick, E.P.1.C., Nada Rasta, Vance of Resination, Venomous Voices, Mike Mathers, Wordsauce, Sarx, Public Defendaz, The Beat Police, Roach Clip, Awsome Ty, Z-Man of One Block Radus, and many more...