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For Kamali "KAY" Kasumu,the Nigerian native who migrated to the U.S. at the age of 3, it began with a long term dream of playing basketball one day back when he was in the 6th grade after realizing that he fell in love with the sport that is loved all over the world. Although he pursued basketball throughout his middle school and high school career he was blessed with a natural gift to sing and a love for poetry. These two gifts he didn't take seriously until he realized that his hopes and aspiration for NBA stardom would be shattered by favoritism from his high school basketball coach and a mistake in documentation from Immigration.It was a setback that happened for a reason. It was a late afternoon instrumental listening session provided by his cousin Elijah, CEO of Elijah Productions, that would introduce him to the world of making music.He was surprised by the request from Elijah to write and compose a song but it came naturally. It went from a duo to a trio to a quartet and now that he is solo he is where he needs to be as an artist. He is KAY the "Kool Articulate Youth" the NIGERICAN who is King of Riverdale,Ga. He welcomes you to his world through his music. Enjoy and feel free to leave constructive criticism

Kamali "KAY" Kasumu: Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Arranger


Won open mic @ Forest Blu Open Mic Comedian showcase (Forest Park, Ga.)


Set List

My sets are based on whatever song is performed. They usually last the exact time length of the song with an intro which includes crowd participation