Kayte Burgess

Kayte Burgess


Take a little bit of Jazz,R&B, and Hip Hop and mix it all together in a young lady, who has a strong foundation as a writer,musician and performer.


Kayte Burgess is a multi talented recording artist,
Take the Power of Teena Marie, the style and phrasing of Erykah Badu and Amel Larriuex and the emotion of Lisa Stansfieldand combine them all together in one unique sound. She has spent the past year recording, and performing across the US in cities like Memphis, Atlanta,New York, and North Carolina. She is also laying a foundation in Toronto,and across Canada with her first single off of her new album " Checked Baggage" called "Now You Know" On this song Kayte worked with Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest,K-cut from Main Source, and writer Curtis Richardson (Joss Stone,JLo, Rihana) to create a hit check it out


Singles: 2001-Keep It Strong
2003- Wanna feat Michie Mee
2006- Now You Know

Albums: 2003 " My Own Design"

Set List

Always the hits, short and sweet
hit em hard and wanting more