Kaya is what it would be like to crash a Reggae Bus into a Pop Rhythm and Blues subway....the survivors would get up, brush themselves off, and start dancing..... We are honored you took the time to read our EPK, and we will express our gratitude by putting on a great show!!!


Bands are named after many things. Some people use politics, some people use a drunken vision. Well, Kaya is nobly named after a Bob Marley song…that also happens to be the name of Kaya’s original bass player’s cat.

2002 marks the start of this dynamic quartet. The band has introduced themselves to the world as a cover band (not the first band to do so, but truly marketing gold), throwing their originals into each set. And the cover song selection is as diverse as going from Bel Biv Davoe and the Marley family to Michael Jackson; from Bon Jovi and Prince to Wayne Wonder!!!! The set list will usually include up to 9 cover songs and 2 original songs.

The Kaya experience reflects the personalities that compose the entity. Kaya is made up of four talented young musicians, each whose musical flavor differs slightly from the next and together, make a very dynamic impression. Audiences are entranced by Justin’s seductive lead vocals and rhythm guitar, elevated with Jay’s smooth lead guitar sound, moved by Jeff’s zealous bass playing, and grounded by Ed’s steady drumming. From classic and modern rock to reggae and R&B, Kaya successfully melds each taste together to create dynamic performances with refreshing, versatile set lists unlike any other in the region’s cover circuit. All four players sing, and the harmonies created can sometimes bring chills to the spines of their audience!

After winning a Battle of the Bands in New York City for a Jagermeister sponsorship, the group’s speed has been steadily increasing. The website, www.kayaband.com, is getting more traffic than ever. And, the 2005 release of their debut album, Hot and Salty (like a pretzel, as shown on the album’s cover) opened up a whole new market of fans. The crowds doth groweth, the music doth floweth, and with any luck, Kaya will rise to success!!!

Thank you for your time.


We now have a full length debut CD, Hot and Salty. It is available online and in stores. Go to www.kayaband.com and follow the link!!!

Set List

We can do a full original set. But, to keep the fan base growing, we use the cover sets to promote the band.

Typical Set 2:

Papa Was A Rolling Stone, reggae style
Scarlet Begonias, Sublime stylee
Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan
Stir It Up, Bob Marley
Give Us the Beat, Kaya original
Raspberry Beret, Prince
Poison - Bel Biv Davoe
Maria, Maria, Santana
Could You Be Loved, Bob Marley
What's Goin' On, Marvin Gaye
Shakedown Street, Grateful Dead
Leavin' Me Lonely, Kaya original
Ain't Talkin' Bout Love, Van Halen

Typically, we play 3 sets with an a ratio of 8 to 1 on covers to originals.