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spinning doll

Written By: chaya schwartz

like a doll in a box
she spins on her feet
as if to say: im pretty. im sweet
but why are there walls all around
and li la li she repeats the sound
she's dressed all in white,
a wand in her hand
as if to direct a mysterious game
she's dancing wide mirrors around
and li la li you may hear the sound

a million days may pass
the doll keeps spinning on
she tries to stop herself but then she feels so much alone
"cut out" that giddy game
the dolly burst in tears
no one comes to her
but why should anybody care

a box made of golden mirriors
around reflectinf her moving image go round
she's spinning and can't ever stop
she's going li la la li la lo
the dolly so sweet
she keeps spinning on
her house made of gold
and she's captured by walls
but no one can find where, the hell
the door is
nobody finds the door

coda: this game has not an end
a doll is just a doll