Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Pop music at it finest with an urban flavor. Think Nelly Furtado meets Santigold meets Robyn meets Mike Snow. Fun, dancefloor driving music.


Kay beamed down from outer space on a unicorn last year declaring mayhem on the music industry, as we know it.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That’s not true… but those were just cliff notes Kay gave me to write her bio. Lets grab a glass of scotch and get right into the riveting and factual story of KAY.

Kay was hatched on a cool summer’s night in a small town that you’ve never heard of in Nova Scotia, Canada. Since the time she could speak, she was singing her words to her family and her invisible friend Pony! From that point on she has expanded her talents to song writing, producing her own music, acting and jamming on that funky keyboard.
In 2005 Kay teamed up with Vancouver’s number one Drum & Bass DJ, DJ B-Traits forming the first female drum and bass duo. Since then Kay’s musical talents have stretched far across the globe… with three world tours and over 100 shows. Along her way she has been featured in magazines such as DJMAG and ATM. As well as turbo-charging radio shows in Los Angeles, Russia and London’s Ministry Of Sound Radio Show with her innovative sound.
Presently Kay has teamed up with some of the best Producers in Canada and the U.S. to form an unstoppable and innovative sound, which plans on hitting a venue close to you in the near future. Her sound covers a wide spectrum from Crunk to Electro, Tech-House to Pop, Hip-Hop, and Mash-Up to Indie.
Her MC skills are a mix of hip-hop, 90’s dance diva, rock and disco. She can grab a crowd with her stylish look, a never before seen swagger, and demanding vocals. Proving that she is much more than just another pretty face.
She’s a jet setter, a trend-setter, and most of all an original artist.


1) Bang Bang
2) Bitchez
3) All That glitters Aint Gold

coming out fall 2009 on Last Gang Records

Spring 2010

Set List

Typical track list consists of 3 original song and 1-2 covers or freestyles. The covers would be singing over elctro tracks or timbaland style beats., usually already popular tracks. 20-30 min sets.
1) Bang Bang
2) Bitchez
3) All That glitters Aint Gold
1-2 covers that vary based on crowd, scene, etc