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Passionate Hip Hop with a conscious tone aimed at bridging the gap between mainstream and underground music. KaydaLuz is the future of hip hop.

Other Info

Cover band: 


EarthTonez - Construction (Group Lp) 1999
EarthTones - Pangea (Group Lp) 2003
KaydaLuz - Sittin on a goldmine (Solo Lp) 2004
KaydaLuz - SuperNova Sound (Solo LP) 2008
KaydaLuz - The Sound Of Progress (Mixtape) 2010
Highway - Single off of SuperNova Sound has received several spins on commercial radio, streaming websites, and Internet radio.

Set List

30 to 45 minute set. Anywhere from 8 to 12 songs. Various songs are played but mostly current tracks.