Kaydence is a unique Canadian band that has many different influences which help create our sound and style. We are very determined at achieving our goals and we intend to share music with as many people as we possibly can worldwide. If your looking for a new unique sound, we have it!


It all started in early '04, Junior High, when a classmate who played guitar, approached Melissa on starting a band. After a few meetings, this unnamed classmate scouted a second guitarist and a percussionist, who we now know as Scott Sproul & Jasko Razic... but Scott knew someone better... So as the old saying goes, 'out with the old & in with the new' and the three banned together to replace the founding member, "no name," with this new multi-talented individual by the name of Matthew McMullen, who originally started out playing only guitar for the band.) As time went on, the four band mates grew tired of playing covers, and started to write their first original, entitled "Once More." The collaboration between them was extroardinary. It just clicked. With this newfound discovery, the group continued to write songs.... but something was missing. It sounded empty without a bass player... and so the search began.

In 2006, a couple weeks before a schedualed performace, the group was introduced to Justin Felix, a fellow student at their High School, and one of the few bass players in their communities. It seemed as if he just knew the songs as he was playing along almost flawlessly for the first time. So needless to say... he was in. And thus became: Kaydence.


Kaydence EP (2008)

Set List

Wasting Away
Letter To You
Show Me How To Care
Once More
Down The Drain