East Orange, New Jersey, USA
BandHip HopR&B

My music decribes my pain, my pleasure and my soul. Not only do I speak for myself but for those around me as well. I voice the reality of everyday lives of people growing up in my neighborhood and organize it in a way that people of all cultures and whereabouts can relate. I speak for the Savages.


What is music? To some, it is simply just a way to gain fame and fortune. To others, it is an entertainment outlet that you can utilize with the simple press of a button. To Kaydensz, however, music is much more. Born Chance McIntosh in Newark (Da Bricks) and raised in East Orange (Illtown), he was brought into a world full of confusion and anguish. Growing up, Chance was a very good student, consistently receiving high grades throughout his youth. Although his mother worked very hard to provide a good life for him, his environment as well as the relationship with his father, caused him to be quick-tempered and confrontational. His love for music started to surface when he was 11, when he began turning his unfocused energy into poetry. When he was 14 however, his uphill progress suddenly took a turn for the worse when his father suddenly passed away after years of alcohol and drug addiction. That equipped with the pressures of dealing with a new environment (he attended boarding school), caused Chance to fall into a deep depression and also caused his intrinsic personality. Feeling like no one understood him, he began writing poetry again to release his pain. Influenced by the likes of Jay-Z, Eminem, Nas, as well as his oldest brother Ali Armz, Chance started writing raps when he was 15, initially as a means of fun for him and his friends. Chance kept writing, and his skills drastically improved, but it wasn’t until tragedy struck again that Chance fully connected with his music and everything became real. His uncle, who stepped in as a father figure after Chance’s father had died, passed away after a severe battle with cancer. This devastated Chance, and not only caused him to fall into an even deeper depression but also plunged him to an alcohol and prescription pill binge. Some good did come from this, however, because during this time Chance began writing very introspective and intrinsic lyrics. By writing about his individual pains and personal pressures, he was able to realize that his story was not unique, and that it was his responsibility to tell not only his but the stories of others as well to the world, whether it be good or bad. After cleaning himself up, Chance set his goal on being the best and began writing even more profusely in order to master his craft. Soon after, Kaydensz Tha Savage was born. Kaydensz brings honesty, reality, diversity and respect to the game, with his style emphasizing wit, flow, cleverness, poetic structure, and wordplay. Producer/DJ Ja-Hi noticed his grind and talent and the two began making music together. With his help, Kaydensz will be releasing his first piece of work entitled The Twisted Soul EP, which released March 1st 2011!!!!!!!
So you ask, what is music to Kaydensz? It is a way to show the world the painting him and his peers call reality. Music is life.


Twisted Soul EP

Growth & Hunger - coming soon