Kaye-Ree, the Persian/German singer, songwriter redefines the word "New" with her music that touches with the charm of old-school Soul-HipHop mixed with a bit of Jazz. She writes with a classical guitarist, arranges with a fabulous soul-band and sends her audience to a dreamland of real, new music!


Kaye-Ree is of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time. She is a visual illustration of the word new. Our fascination of new things to come is apparent and when it does arrive, our anticipation is usually satisfied. Soul music aficionados wonder what will be dubbed after the Persian/German singer-songwriter, Kaye-Ree. As for many artists, finding the right time to showcase their newfound talent is easier said than done. For Kaye-Ree, it began at the age of 3, where she discovered the stage like a forlorn soul constantly searching for a destination to rest in. As a dance choreographer and singer-songwriter, she found her peace in 2003 by winning talent shows, (e.g. Planet Radio) featured in Radio broadcastings as a singer, and eventually began formulating her music agenda as an artist. She then teamed up with renowned guitarist, Felix Justen, a musical mastermind that has graced the stage of Carnegie Hall. Together, the new duo would add to the popularization of Neo-Soul music by blending Justen’s classical guitar play with the astonishing song-writing ability of Kaye-Ree. The result would lead to independent and major gigs all-around Europe, Africa, and the United States. Their conscience message of life in all aspects of it has touched many and has lead to past and future collaborations. In fact, after collaborating with artists Metaphysics and Laygwan in Harare, Zimbabwe, Kaye-Ree has been involved in projects with Anthony Myers,(Producer of Donell Jones). Despite her constant travels, she does have a solid base at home. Her production partners in Germany are Dennis Smith and DJ Opossum of the "WEGOTSOUL"-crew and the Noizmakers. Various tracks have already been released on compilations, like e.g. "Outta my mind" on the Mercedes Benz mix-tape 7. In 2007, she was an opening act for Hip-Hop artist, Busta Rhymes, for his “Big Bang” album tour and has shared the stage along side legendary conscience artist, Kurtis Blow. The elements of jazz, contemporary R&B, alternative Hip-Hop, and 1970s soul live behind the corridors of her music, in front of painters’ canvas, and on both sides of a visionaries peripheral. While we’re searching for change, Kaye-Ree is bringing change by bridging the gap of old and new, interweaving lyricism with the rhythm of heartbeats, and allowing us to feel young again… new again…free.


Releases on Compilations: Mercedes-Benz Mixtape 7:"Outta my mind", Wegotsoul i-Tunes Download: "Gone",

Set List

The "Kaye-Ree" Band only plays original "Kaye-Ree" Music. Their Set is about 2 hours long.

1. Fallin´in love
2. Reality
3. Day´n night
4. Don´t you worry
5. Africans
6. Outta my mind
7. They say
8. Money
9. On my way
10. Inspiration
11. I don´t feel you
12. Speak your mind
13. Endless Melody
14. 4 you
15. Every lil thing
16. Underneath my skin
17. True Story