KayJay has a unique, sweet yet sultry, smooth and soulful dulcet tone. Her music is a soulful, funky hybrid of her influences; Chante Moore, TLC, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson & MaryMary. KayJay's songs are eclectic, unfaltering, warm, honest & direct.


KayJay is a likeable artist. She's not trying to be controversial, overtly sexual or ghetto fabulous, and aren't we all getting tired of that? But neither is she an arrogant, self-righteous Diva. She's simply a human being with issues like the rest of us, expressing herself and relaying her experiences and opinions through her music, and isn't that how it's supposed to be?

KayJay's stunning vocal abilities and musical expression caters to a wide range of musical styles, but she is still able to maintain her own soulful and pure essence...


KayJay's debut single "Last Night A DJ Saved My Life" was released on 26 March 2007 on Apollo (Universal) & Big Love Records. Produced and mixed by Seamus Haji the track has stormed the UK Dance Charts at No.1, and the Official Singles Charts at No. 13!

Set List

At present KayJay is rehearsing her Intuition EP, Showcase Set with her band. The show is approximately 40 mins and includes 7 original songs and 2 covers.