Kayla Kavanagh

Kayla Kavanagh

 Barnsley, England, GBR

Kayla Kavanagh is a solo artist with a twist. The Irish multi-instrumentalist performs across a variety of genres, as a guitar-based Singer/Songwriter, classical pianist, Pop/Rock artist and Composer. Kayla performs using live looping with an array of traditional instruments, wires and technology.


Kayla Kavanagh is a solo artist with a difference. The Yorkshire-based Irish Singer/Songwriter plays nine instruments, writes and performs her own original music and has toured the UK with her ‘one-woman band’ show at venues across the UK including three years at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Kayla launched her debut album Stranger than Fiction in 2010 featuring twelve original songs with her trademark fusion of the traditional and modern - an eclectic mix of electronica pop/rock.

2012 saw the launch of the second album, Hiding from Lightning, on the Selva Sound label. The album was created thanks to fans of Kayla's music, who donated more than £1,500 to fund its release through a Pledge Music campaign.

Kayla's live stage shows feature piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, looping pedal, hammered dulcimer, electric violin, flute, tin whistle, vocoder and the Eigenharp, a new electronic device which plays and loops multiple software instrument sounds.

The shows range from a simple acoustic setup with guitar and looping pedal to the full nine instruments. Working alongside Engineer/Producer Nigel Pease, the complex array of instruments and technology is brought together to create a unique and engaging performance.



"Stranger than Fiction" (2010)
"Hiding from Lightning" (2012)

Set List

Original Music

Heavens Above
Better this way
Broken Dreams
Hold on to the future
Colour me in
Fight the tears
Scared of the dark
Blessed be
Love you
Secret Place
Crazy Beautiful
Dulcimer/electric violin/flute
Vocal loops


Up to 3 hours cover material from pop/rock to piano ballads