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Oh my my

Written By: Kayla Mostad

Verse 1:
I try and think of things to do to pass the time

Sometimes it seems like those days last forever

But it’s all worth it when I finally see your face

When I feel your touch, when I’m embraced

Verse 2:

It’s a feeling few people ever find

It’s considered a blessing in my life

I thank God every night for what he’s given me

Thank him that he led you to me, ‘cause


Being with you I can’t describe

It’s a feeling of forever be by my side

It’s like the smell of rain, you just can’t explain

Like the look of a rose, the feel of a kiss

I would never wanna miss this
I could sit with you forever

‘Cause being with you is like oh my my

Verse 3:

Pictures fill my room to help me through

I wake up in the morning just to see you

Hopefully one day I won’t need a picture by my bed

‘Cause I’ll wake up to you right by my head, and I’ll say


I can’t explain, I can’t describe this feeling that’s taken me by surprise
But I’ll try to explain again

Like This Guitar Needs New Strings

Written By: Kayla Mostad

Verse 1:
I need you to understand what I feel true

Like a butterfly needs its wings to make it through

Just like a wild wind wants a kite

I want to leave it all in black and white

I know you’re gonna leave just go

There’s nothing I can do anymore


I need to find a way to loose this pain

Like a fireplace needs to find a flame

I need one more kiss goodbye

Time for one more good cry

I need to find a way to let you go

Like the needle of a compass the way will show

I need a song that I can sing

Like this guitar needs new strings

Verse 2:

I’m gonna miss you while you’re gone

Just like I miss all our old love songs

But I want you to know I’ll always love you

No matter what happens I swear it’s true

I need you to tell me anything, just something

Just like a train needs a railroad to keep it running


I need you like the world needs the sun

To pick me up when I come undone

I can’t need you anymore

Whenever I See You Smile

Written By: Kayla Mostad

Verse 1:
You grab my hand and I grab yours too

Making me feel like you want me a part of you

I have never felt a feeling like that

Then you look at me and smile

Verse 2:

You tell me how much you love me

And how you’ll never let me go

Then you kiss me on the forehead

And it lets me know


I see myself in your arms forever

No looking back not now or ever

It feels like nothing could ever go wrong

You say don’t worry it’ll be alright

Just take my hand I’ll hold it tight

One day it’ll all be just right

And I know it’s gotta last for one long while

Whenever I see you smile

Verse 3:

Hopefully one day we’ll be together

Chasing dreams and making our way

I can’t wait to see what’s to come

‘Cause your smile tells me


The things you say the things you do
Everyday I fall more and more in love with you