Kaylee Johnston Music

Kaylee Johnston Music

 Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Kaylee Johnston is an up and coming artist. She is a singer/songwriter with an amazing voice who plays guitar. Her music is edgy with catchy hooks and great lyrics. People are often found singing her songs days after her shows. Her stage presence is unbeatable and keeps the crowds attention.


Kaylee Johnston is a passionate eighteen-year-old singer/songwriter. She wrote her first song at the age of nine, and since then has grown and developed numerous alternative pop songs. She began singing at age six and started playing guitar when she was fifteen. Influenced by singers like Avril Lavigne and Sarah McLaughlan, she began to learn their songs and styles. After only a few months of playing, she was composing on the guitar. One year ago she did a three-song demo with Bill Buckingham and is now looking forward to recording a second demo!

In January 2008 the band will be releasing a second 3-song demo with Kaylees new material. The sound is much more raw and edgy than her first recording and she feels that her writing has evolved into a style of its own. She hopes that the demo will bring her up to par to release a full length album. She is also planning on finding a strong booking agent and publicist that will take her to the next level. Once a broad fan bass has been built, a Western Canadian tour will be planned and the band will be on the road.

Currently she is doing live shows with her new band. They have a tight, new-age pop sound and a great energy. On drums there is Jacob Lutje, playing guitar is Matthew Heesterman, and Ammon Waters plays bass. All the members have amazing creative ability and are able to collaborate to further improve Kaylees songs.

The passion Kaylee has for her music is rare. She is determined to gain success in the industry regardless of how many set backs take place. Her ultimate goal is to be a professional recording artist/songwriter and will take the necessary steps to attain it. She is willing and able to venture other avenues to further her knowledge of the music industry. With her new band and new songs, Kaylee Johnston anticipates great success!


Kaylee Johnston- Demo
1. Arms Around Me
2. Not That Kind of Girl
3. Stay Awhile

Set List

Set List:
1. Hooked on You
2. Colder at the Top
3. Arms Around me
4. Caught You in Your Lie
5. Firelight
6. Crazy on You (Cover)
7. Won me Back
8. Intrigued

My shows are usually 30-45 minutes in length.