Kaylene Peoples
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Kaylene Peoples

Los Angeles, California, United States

Los Angeles, California, United States
Band Jazz Pop


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"Oh No! Not Another Jazz Singer . . . But Not This Time, Singer/Instrumentalist Kaylene Peoples Is Not Typical!"

I was at the fundraiser, AMIGOS SIN BARRERAS (Friends without Barriers), on April 25, 2009 at a private estate in Redondo Beach. I have a few friends on the staff and was invited—well, to donate I guess. The food was great, and as I was about to enjoy another tiny quiche, the band started to play. I looked over at my party mate and frowned, “Not another jazz trio.” Then suddenly, to my surprise, I actually liked what I heard.

Those of you who have read my reviews know that I do not care for jazz music. I’ll listen to rock, blues, Calypso, reggae, anything but jazz! I liked what I heard so much I put down my hors D’oeuvre and stood before one of the most enchanting female forms I ever saw. The fact that I couldn’t remove my gaze surprised me. Usually (no offense ladies) the singers at these benefits are, shall I say . . . ahem, not hot. I grabbed a seat and made myself very comfortable.

Kaylene Peoples was accompanied by a pianist, acoustic bass and drums. She sang a variety of covers ranging from “All or Nothing at All” to “My Funny Valentine.” She engaged the audience with every song. Honestly, I was never bored. Her voice is beautiful and her range really impressed me and everyone else who was there that night. I gotta tell you, I was blown away by her pure tone—that lady has a set of pipes on her. She could hold a note as long as Streisand. Please forgive the reference but I couldn’t think of anyone better to compare her to. But Peoples is not just a singer. She picked up her flute and started playing it like Jethro Tull for lack of a better reference. She did an amazing, lengthy solo on “Girl from Ipanema,” “One Note Samba,” and “Straighten Up and Fly Right.” All I can say to Miss Peoples if she’s listening, “Where have you been all my life?”

Kaylene Peoples has converted this jazz hater into a jazz lover, and I look forward to seeing her perform again very soon. Maybe she’ll wear that blue sequin gown with the split down the side again!

To learn more about Kaylene Peoples, visit her at www.myspace.com/kaylenepeoples or to purchase her CD, All Jazzed Up! go to www.cdbaby.com/kaylene2. - “The Wow Factor”

"Jazz standards — at first this does not sound very exciting, but just like another little fish in the evergrowing vocal-jazz pond"

Jazz standards — at first this does not sound very exciting, but just like another little fish in the evergrowing vocal-jazz pond, and just like once before Kaylene Peoples could convince us otherwise as she did with Rite of Passage (see review- in 2004) with perfect soul-pop, and this time with her perfected jazz variations. It is a rather neverending task of course to find unknown aspects for all time favorites such as “My Funny Valentine” or “Girl from Ipanema,” however kaylene does so by emphasizing her vocal qualities (5 octaves – in between elegant heartbreak, tender seduction and expressive passion), and in addition shows us that she is a master in playing the flute. She is also accompanied by a formidable trio just as tradition intended. Peoples also throws in her own songwriting without any difference in quality in between the milestone songs of jazz history. The lady strives for perfection, but always with style and personality. Therefore All Jazzed Up! is not just another vocal-jazz album, but a statement that can do justice to the “song-pearls” in every way. - SonicSoul.com – Reviewed by Jorge Michael Schmitt Sonic Soul Magazine

"Jazz vocalist Kaylene Peoples must have been in a nostalgic mood when she made All Jazzed Up!"

Jazz vocalist Kaylene Peoples must have been in a nostalgic mood when she made All Jazzed Up! The 13-track CD has a strong lineup of beloved standards, including “My Funny Valentine” and “Lush Life,” creating late-night jazz club vibe. The album also has a healthy dose of bossa nova tunes, with several numbers from the songbook of Antonio Carlos Jobim. Three original songs round out the CD. Peoples has a big five-octave range that floats above the instruments. This airy quality is especially well-suited for the breezy bossa nova numbers that are never too far away. She kicks off the album with Jobim’s “One Note Samba.” She makes the song sound effortless, interjecting a quick scat as well as a nice flute solo. Another example of this is on “Girl from Ipanema.” She manages to make the well-traveled song her own, with the addition of a lengthy and fitting instrumental solo.”One Note Samba” leads into the original “Do You Remember?” The warm ballad sounds like it could have come off of an old Nancy Wilson or Gloria Lynne album.Peoples then demonstrates her interpretive skills with a jazz treatment of “My Favorite Things.” She is accompanied on the CD by guitarist Rich Mouser and the Peoples Republic Trio.Another track worth mentioning is Hoagy Carmichael’s “Nearness of You.” Here, Mouser’s acoustic guitar and Peoples’ vocals work beautifully together on the slow, gentle start. Peoples then kicks it into high gear, upping the tempo before slowing it down again for the ending. She seems to have made an effort to make sure that the songs have a strong beginning and end, a quality that is missing from many productions today. (Go to http://www.jazzreview.com/cd/review-17504.html to read this review in its entirety). - JazzReview.com – Reviewed by Donna Kimura


All jazzed Up! 2005
Radio Airplay:
Do You Remember (Charted on the major independent charts including AC40, New music Weekly, Top 100, and FMQB)

"One Note Samba" and "Run Away with Me" Las Vegas 88.1

"Wives & Lovers" Currently playing in New York Radio Station (Geraldine Taylor-DJ)



There is more than meets the eye with Kaylene Peoples. Along with her 5-octave vocal range, she can blow the flute, play the piano, and she is proficient in a variety of other instruments. She has become known for her intricate yet interesting musical arrangements. Her talent just doesn’t stop there. She is an award-winning L.A. Music Awards record producer, she has had much success with her album All Jazzed Up, and she is a seasoned orchestrator, composer, and conductor. She has scored films, written symphonies, ballets, and has written countless string arrangements for several major record labels throughout her career. But what if we were to ask Kaylene what is her true love? Without hesitation, she would answer, “Jazz in its purest form!”

Having been compared to the singers Nancy Wilson, Carmen McRae, and even pegged as the female Al Jarreau, Kaylene takes singing to a completely different level. She is influenced by the jazz greats from the 50s and 60s and she admires several artists, including Kurt Elling, Nnenna Freeland, Shirley Horn, Astrud Gilberto, and Diana Krall. The musical integrity of a composition means everything to her. Her unique arrangements of classics such as “Wives and Lovers,” “One Note Samba,” and “My Funny Valentine” are unlike any you’ve ever heard before. She weaves in substitutions for standard chords, incorporates polished solos, scats, and blows us away with her effortless 1-5 octave vocal leaps as she claims full ownership of her repertoire. Depending on the song selection, Kaylene will bring tears to your eyes. She has mentored with accomplished instrumentalists, and incorporates an instrumental virtuosity and style into her shows.

As Kaylene performs, you’ll follow her through an intricately woven journey of her soul, whether she’s singing Jobim or Strayhorn she will hypnotize you as she serenades you with her distinctive, sultry voice. Then without notice she will pick up her flute and give you goose bumps! She might even surprise you with her own ‘lone’ piano solo or accompany herself on guitar while singing “Summer Samba.”

Kaylene Peoples is a rare talent attracting admirers everywhere she performs. Not a single soul will be able to resist the seductive quality of her voice—she always leaves you begging for more. Once you’ve seen Kaylene Peoples perform, you, too, will become her fan for life!