Kaymak Musik

Kaymak Musik

 Renton, Washington, USA

Kaymak's sound has been compared to the likes of Ben Harper, Tracy Chapman, Living Colour, Lenny Kravitz and Seal. Great energy, dance, creative story telling in a musical form with acoustic soul and a touch of rock! Go to www.kaymakmusik.com


Kaymak Musik was formed by twin brothers Ken and Keith McDonald in the Fall of 2007. Originally from Georgia, the two had been writing original songs for years and decided it was time to put together a group of musicians who dug their ideas and were excited about the vision of sharing their music with the people! Once they had their collection of talented misfits, the twins jumped into Acoustic Chambers recording studio (Kent Wa.) and recorded a 5 song demo which in turn propelled them into getting gigs at the local clubs around Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle. Kaymak has been hired by A Zophi Productions LLC 3 years running to play at the local outdoor festivals in Tacoma and Seattle and are now making the local hot spot circuit playing clubs like Nectar, The Showbox, Neumos and the Crocodile Cafe'! They finished tracking their new album at Orbit Audio in Seattle and mastering it at RFI and threw their cd release party in 2010! Kaymak's sound and song writing has evolved over the last two years due to the crazy collection of influences and backgrounds of their supporting cast showcasing an awesome percussion section, 4 part, soulful vocal harmonies, driving melodic bass lines and riveting guitar work are they are now working on new material for their new album due out in 2011-12. Kaymak prides themselves on their live shows, bringing a party to every club with a constant draw and happy club owners!


5 song Demo 2007
Recorded at Acoustic Chambers in Kent, Washington. Fast forward to 2009, they finished recording and mixing their new album at Orbit Audio (Seattle Wa.) and mastered it RFI in Seattle Wa. Available now on Cdbaby.com, Itunes and on their website!

Set List

Johnny Walker
Heads Above Water
Dirty B
Friendship Revolution
Simple Words
Broken Promises
Hippie Love Song
Rock Star
All in you
Another Silly Love Song

2 hour set