Kay Rose

Kay Rose


"Great music inspires the listener to a higher place. It reaches in and touches one's soul and colors one's world with hope. Kay's music does that." says a fan. Rose's beautiful moody soft rock songs will linger on in your mind.


With eloquent lyrics and strong and often haunting melodies, Kay's soft rock / adult contemporary songs are a hauntingly beautiful journey through heartfelt territory. Rose writes songs derived from deep introspection and a profound curiosity about human conditions and life's ironies. Music has been her passion since she was a little girl, providing a refuge as her parents moved constantly. Raising a son from a very young age, she has faced many romantic twists, losses, and setbacks. But Rose continues to be a fighter, a survivor, a hopeful romantic, and a never ending optimist, all of which come through in her music.

Rose’s debut CD, “Words Left Unsaid”, is an elegantly packaged and produced collection of soft rock / adult contemporary songs that will linger in your mind long after you have heard them. Though at times reaching emotional depths, it is laced throughout with optimism and intelligence. It features the brilliant playing and co-production of renowned guitarist Jeff Pevar on a number of tunes. Jeff is best known for being a member of the band CPR with David Crosby and David's son, James Raymond.

Rose delivers a powerful performance with heart, skill, soul, and artistic passion. She has a unique sound that may feel somewhere between Sarah McLachlan and Suzanne Vega, with an artistic moody edge, but the girl next door songwriter appeal. She is inspired by the above mentioned, in addition to Joni Mitchell, Paula Cole, Karla Bonoff, Aimee Mann, Barbara Higbie, and many more.


Album "Words Left Unsaid" released Xmas, 2007.
All songs by Kay Rose (BMI)
Streaming and airplay at various webcoast public stations

Set List

The Old Oak Tree
Long Way There
Feels Like Home
Missing You Tonight
Such a Fool
Keepin’ the Dream Alive
Why Did I Trust You With My Heart
Don’t Give Your Love Away

Lost In Love (AKA Desirée)
I Miss You
Calling Out My Name
Good Things Come
Smoke Filled Room
Someone to Lay Down Beside You (Karla Bonoff)
What I Left Behind
Words Left Unsaid